The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1756

Chapter 1756
“You’re the one who doesn’t know your place! Didn’t you say you’d be able to kill me without even lifting a finger? Let me show
you who’s the more powerful one between us!” Leon scoffed.
Facing Gordon’s immense power, he advanced without taking a single step back. With a single finger out, he quickly charged at
Gordon’s attack with mighty force!
“Brat, you do want to die!” Gordon laughed viciously. There was a sharp glint in his eyes.
Since Leon was using spiritual energy, he did not feel any true energy fluctuations from Leon at all. He did not think that Leon
would be able to stand up to his attack!
Furthermore, Leon was meeting his attack with a single finger!
It was just suicide!
Right after that, he dramatically increased his power, using his full might as he planned on crippling Leon as revenge for Leon
slapping him in the face!
Yet, before he could even finish his thoughts, something that shocked him happened!
With an intense clash, Leon’s finger immediately broke through his immense true energy, stabbing right into his chest!
Gordon immediately spat out two mouthfuls of blood, as if he was hit by a heavy attack. His body was sent flying back several
meters before he slammed into the ground.
Right after that, waves of pain came from his bones. It was obvious that he was injured internally, and lost his ability to fight!
“H–how is this possible?!”
After he fell to the ground, Gordon clutched his chest in pain. He looked at Leon in disbelief!
He thought that he was an incredibly strong fighter, standing amongst the top of those at his age. Other than some direct
descendants from major families, he rarely had anyone who could oppose him!

Yet, he never would have dreamed that he would be defeated by a young and insignificant man like Leon. He was even injured
from just one blow!
That was just unbelievable!
He was filled with shock at that moment, unable to accept the cruel reality!
On the other hand, Sarah never expected Leon and Gordon to start fighting just like that. An ordinary person like her was
naturally scared stiff. She already hid in the corner at some point. She panicked a little, not knowing what to do.
As for the other two executives, the moment they saw that the situation was bad, they immediately slipped out of the room, trying
to get help.
Leon did not bother with the executives as he walked toward Gordon.
Every step he took was like a vicious nail being hit down on Gordon’s heart!
“Brat, d–don’t come over!”
Gordon’s expression changed dramatically at the sight. He scrambled backward until his back hit the wall, unable to retreat
“Mister Bailey, weren’t you acting so arrogantly just now? Are you getting scared so quickly?!” Leon mocked with disdain.
“W–what do you want?” Gordon’s expression was very sour. He no longer had his earlier temperament.
“It’s simple, I’ll give you one last chance! If you know your place, then kneel and apologize to Snow right now. Get her
forgiveness. After that, go sign the contract, and I’ll consider forgetting about this! Otherwise, you can bear the consequences!”
Leon said coldly.
He came to the Hughes Group to get the contract signed, and not to cause trouble.
In consideration of the Hughes. As long as Gordon was willing to apologize to Snow sincerely, he could let things slide.
However, if Gordon did not know what was good for him, then Leon could not be faulted!

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