The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1758

Chapter 1758
“Brat, how dare you act so arrogantly in Hughes territory! I’m warning you, let him go right now, or we won’t hold back!” Norin and
Nolan shouted out angrily, their expressions were murderous.
“You’re expecting me to let him off? It’s not that I can’t!” Leon thought about it, and let Gordon go.
The two Emperor State experts from the Hughes were quite strong. Even though it was no threat to him, it was still not going to
be easy!
He planned on letting Gordon go for now, and seeing what would happen!
Norin and Nolan were both stunned. They exchanged looks of surprise with each other.
It was obvious that the two of them never expected that Leon would let Gordon go!
It completely stunned them just from the surprise alone!
Of course, they were not the only ones who were stunned. Gordon was as well. He did not expect Leon to let him go so easily!
He felt like he was dreaming!
The next moment, as if he was worried that Leon would regret it, he immediately scrambled up and ran over to their side.
“Alright, I’m finally safe!” Gordon celebrated, finally breathing a sigh of relief.
He knew how strong the two of them were. They were both at the Emperor State!
With the two of them with him, he felt a lot more confident!
“Nolan, this guy hurt me just now! Hurry up and capture him so I can teach him a lesson and get my revenge! “Gordon
immediately said hatefully.
“Yes!” The two of them acknowledged the order and prepared to attack Leon.
“Hold it! I just let him go based on what you said. What are you planning on doing now?!” Leon said unhappily.

Norin and Nolan were taken aback. They found it hard to say anything.
As Leon said, Leon let Gordon off easily, not doing anything else!
If they attacked Leon right after that, it would be dishonorable!
“Nolan, don’t listen to him! He’s trying to cause trouble in our company and even injured me. He can’t be forgiven! Even if he let
me go, that’s the least he could do!” Gordon said with a sneer.
“Yes, you’re right!”
“Brat, you dared to cause trouble in Hughes territory. You have to pay the price for that!” Nolan said. seriously.
“What, are you trying to throw your power around now?!” Leon was incredibly frustrated.
“So what if I am?! Didn’t you say you were going to break my legs just now? Right now, I’ll show you whose legs are going to be
broken! Go and cripple this guy. Feed his legs to the dogs!” Gordon laughed as he said, throwing Leon’s words back.
“Yes!” Norin and Nolan answered, walking over.
“Nolan, there’s no need for you to do anything! I’m more than enough to deal with someone like this! You don’t have to do
anything!” Norin said casually.
Even though he did not know how strong Leon was, only Yuri and Rodney reached the Emperor State amongst the younger
generation of the Southern Region!
The others were all below that level!
Since he was already at the Emperor’s State, there was no way he would be threatened by Leon!
“Yes, alright,” Nolan nodded.
Norin and Nolan were still in the second generation. They were older than Leon.
If they worked together to deal with Leon, it would be quite dishonorable!

On top of that, someone as insignificant as Leon was not worthy of them working together!

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