Chapter 1760

Chapter 1760
“I–Impossible! This can’t be real!”
Norin clutched his chest in pain as he climbed up, looking at Leon in disbelief!
He was at the initial Emperor State, but he lost to a young junior like Leon. Leon was even a completely unknown person!
It was just too absurd!
He could not understand how Leon did it. He could not accept the truth at all!
“Brat, no wonder you dared to act so arrogantly in our territory. It looks like you have some skills! However, your meager skills
are still too insignificant in the face of the Hughes! Let me test you out. I’ll see what you can do!” Nolan said seriously, stepping
Even though he did not know how Leon defeated Norin, he still had a vague impression.
Leon’s speed and explosiveness were quite remarkable. He seemed to already be at the Semi Emperor State, and was not far
away from the initial Emperor State!
He guessed that Norin probably underestimated his opponent carelessly, and lost to Leon because of that!
However, he was different!
He was already at the intermediate Emperor State. He was much stronger than Norin!
He was already prepared for Leon, and there was a large gap between Leon’s strength and his. It would not
be hard for him to deal with Leon!
“Norin, fall back for now! I’ll deal with this brat!” Nolan said to Norin.
“Yes. Nolan, there’s something strange about this guy. Be careful!” Nolan did not forget to say.
“I know! Don’t worry, he’s just at the Semi Emperor State. It’ll be easy for me to deal with him!” Nolan said coldly.
“So he’s already at the Semi Emperor State! No wonder!” Both Norin and Gordon realized something.

Gordon in particular finally understood. Leon probably acted weak earlier and managed to catch Norin off guard. That was how
he was fortunate enough to win!
There were no other possibilities outside of that!
“Brat, since you’re a junior, I’ll let you attack first!” Nolan looked at Leon with a sharp gaze, saying proudly.
“There’s no need! You can go ahead and attack! If I attack first, you might not even have the chance to do anything!” Leon said
He knew very well that he needed the Mirror of Sovereign to defeat Norin!
With his actual power at that moment, his skills were much worse than Nolan’s in various ways. He was probably not even to
catch up to Nolan in a straight run!
If he attacked, he would accomplish nothing!
Of course, Nolan did not know about his situation at all. His arrogant words were an insult to Nolan!
There was no way Nolan would be able to stomach that!
“Brat, you asked for this! Since you want to die, I’ll grant you your wish! Take this!” Nolan shouted angrily.
After that, he charged forward and prepared to strike Leon with his awesome might.
“Perfect!” Leon grunted. He advanced with his attack ready, charging right at Nolan’s attack!

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