The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1761

Chapter 1761
“Brat, are you still going to be stubborn?” Nolan’s expression turned cold.
Even though he knew that Leon was probably only in the Semi Emperor State, he could not figure out where Leon got the
confidence from. He was daring to try and face Nolan head–on!
Was that no suicide?!
Of course, just thinking about how Norin was strangely defeated by Leon, he did not face Leon head–on for safety’s sake.
Instead, he switched up his attack as he continued to charge at Leon!
Leon did the same, quickly switching up his approach as he continued to go at Nolan!
However, since Leon was not as quick as Nolan, he quickly fell behind. He found himself unable to keep up with Nolan’s pace!
Thankfully, he had the Mirror of Sovereign on him, so he was not worried that Nolan would be able to hurt him!
However, any outsiders could tell that he was in incredible danger due to the difference in speed!
“This guy is at the Semi Emperor State!”
“It looks like he’s done for!”
Gordon and Norin were both incredibly happy to see that sight.
Of course, it was not just them, Nolan felt that way too!
After testing it out, Nolan was sure that Leon was only at the Semi Emperor State level in various ways!
Leon was drastically weaker than Nolan at the intermediate Emperor State!
It meant that Nolan no longer needed to hold back!
“Brat, stay down!”
After realizing Leon’s skills, Nolan no longer hesitated. With a shout, he struck out with incredible force at Leon!

Leon was not fast enough, and could not fight back. So, he turned around and used the Mirror of Sovereign to block the attack.
“Die!” Nolan had a sharp look in his eyes.
Taking the chance, he increased the force of his attack, slamming viciously at Leon’s chest!
However, he still held back a little, since Leon never had any grudges against the Hudges, and Leon let Gordon off just now as
well. He did not use fatal strength!
“This is great! Cripple that guy!”
Gordon started to laugh happily when he saw that Leon was going to get hit!
He knew that, no matter how strong Leon was, he was still made of flesh and bone!
With Leon’s vital point in his chest about to be hit by Nolan, he would be crippled, if not die!
Nolan helped him get revenge!
Suddenly, he was as happy as can be!
However, before he could even finish laughing, something that shocked him to the core happened!
With a loud strike, Nolan’s attack landed right on Leon’s chest. However, it did not injure Leon at all. Leon did not even a single
At the same time, Leon took the chance to attack Nolan while Nolan was spent. He struck out with imperious force, quickly
striking at Nolan’s chest!

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