The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1762

Chapter 1762
“W–what is this?” Nolan was shocked. He looked like he saw a ghost. He thought that he would be able to easily injure Leon!
Yet, he never would have dreamed that Leon would remain uninjured after taking a blow from him, and remain standing there!
It was just unbelievable!
If he did not witness it himself, he would refuse to believe that it was real!
That was not it, any slight mistake in a battle between experts could lead to disaster!
Due to his misstep, Leon took the chance to strike back, and he could only stare as Leon’s attack went for him!
However, he was still an incredible warrior in the intermediate Emperor State. He was not someone that
could be underestimated!
In the face of danger, he managed to force his body a dozen centimeters to the side, narrowly avoiding the attack striking his
vitals. However, his shoulder was struck by Leon’s fist!
With a loud sound, Nolan let out a cry before he retreated three or four steps back, barely managing to regain his footing.
Right after that, he felt a surge of blood up his chest. A line of blood flowed out of his mouth. He sustained some minor injuries.
Thankfully, he was kind enough to not try to kill Leon just now.
Leon was always someone who knew right from wrong. When he saw that Nolan was holding back, he pulled back at the last
moment as well and did not deal a fatal blow.
Otherwise, if Nolan faced his spiritual energy head–on, Nolan would not have just sustained some internal injuries!
“H–how is this possible!?”
Gordon and Norin were both stunned at the sight. They rubbed their eyes in disbelief!
Earlier, they saw that Leon was only at the Semi Emperor State at most when it came to speed,

explosiveness, or in any other way!
Leon was much weaker than Nolan, who was at the intermediate Emperor State. There was no way he would be able to beat
Yet, Leon somehow managed to beat someone stronger than him. Not only did he take on Nolan’s incredible attack, he even
injured Nolan!
It completely shattered all their expectations and knowledge of martial arts!
It was obvious how shocked they were!
“Alright, it’s all over now! Mister Bailey, didn’t you say you wanted to break my legs just now? Let’s see who’s going to break
whose leg!” Leon sneered. He started to walk toward Gordon, throwing Gordon’s own words back at him.
“D–don’t come here,” Gordon was shocked when he snapped out of his shock. He was incredibly terrified.
Even though he did not know how Leon defeated Nolan, he knew something very well!
His greatest trump cards, Nolan and Norin, were not able to face Leon. There was no way he would be able to do anything to
With that in mind, he hurriedly told the two of them, “Nolan, two of you hold him back. I’ll go get reinforcements.”
As he said that, he turned around to run without any hesitation.
“You’re trying to run? It won’t be so easy!” Leon sneered. Then, he turned around and quickly ran after Gordon.

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