The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1763

Chapter 1763
“Brat, don’t even think about it!”
Nolan and Norin held back the pain in their bodies as they hurriedly rushed to stop Leon.
Even though they knew that they were no match for Leon, Gordon was still the in–law of the Hughes. There was no way they
could just sit by and let Leon hurt Goron!
So, the two of them were forced to face Leon in hopes that they would win Gordon some more time to run away!
“Get lost!” Leon said coldly.
He needed to cut off the head of the beast.
His goal was Gordon, and he was in no mood to continue fighting with Nolan and Norin, so he raised his hand and swiped
A few needles shot out, charging right at Nolan and Norin!
Of course, those were just regular needles. They did not have Deadly Veratrum Poison on them.
The poisoned needles were specifically meant to deal with the eight evildoers. He could not use it that causally.
“Not good!”
Feeling the needles coming at them, Nolan and Norin’s expressions changed.
After that, they rolled on the ground and narrowly avoided the attack.
Taking the chance, Leon passed Nolan and Rick, charging straight for Gordon incredibly quickly.
“Where are you running to?!” Leon shouted coldly. With a wave, an incredibly powerful fore charged right at Gordon’s back.
“No!” Gordon was shocked. He hurriedly dodged to the side, trying to avoid Leon’s attack.
However, his skills were just too much worse than Leon’s. Even if he used all his might, he was not able to avoid Leon’s attack.
His back was struck by Leon.

Gordon spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body was sent flying by Leon. He rolled on the ground a few times, falling face–first.
“You stubborn fool! Let’s see how you’re going to keep running!” Leon shouted coldly. He looked down at Forgon as he stepped
on Gordon’s chest.
“I’m done for now!!!
Gordon’s expression was completely ashen.
“Who dares cause trouble in Hughes family territory?! How dare you?!”
Right at that moment, an angry shout was heard.
Darius marched in with an angry look on his face. Behind him were two old men who had serious looks on their faces as they
rushed inside.
After the executives slipped away from the room, they did not only call Nolan and Norin over but also reported the matter to
Darius was furious when he found out that someone was causing trouble at the Hughes Group. He immediately brought his men
over in a hurry.
He just arrived!
Seeing Leon standing over Gordon, one of the old men behind Darius quickly reacted. He took advantage of the fact that Leon
did not put up a defense yet to send out a wave of incredibly strong true energy right at Leon.
“Peak Emperor State!” Leon was shocked to feel the immense true energy coming from the old man.
He did not dare to delay things for a second as he started to rapidly retreat.
“You’re trying to run? Can you even do that?!” The old man sneered.
He charged forward in pursuit, rearing his arm backward as he quickly attacked Leon with incredible power.
He prepared to deal with Leon for daring to cause trouble at Hughes Group!
“Not good,” Leon’s expression changed dramatically at that. He rapidly retreated backward, trying to avoid the old man’s attack.

However, the old man in the gray shirt changed his attack based on how Leon moved. On top of that, Leon was weaker and
slower than the old man.
No matter how hard he tried, he still failed to avoid the attack. He could only stare as the opponent’s attack came for him.

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