The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1765

Chapter 1765
“What? They’re the Thompsons? How’s that possible?!” Gordon was stunned to hear that. He could not believe his ears.
He knew Snow. She was just from an insignificant family in Springfield City. They were nothing in the Southern Region! Leon
was Snow’s boyfriend. On top of that, he never saw Leon in the Southern Region’s circles before!
That was why he was so certain that Leon was not someone important at all!
Yet, he never expected that Leon was actually from the Thompsons!
It greatly exceeded his expectations, and caught him completely off guard!
It was obvious how shocked he was!
“Why isn’t it possible? Do you think I’m blind? Do you think I can’t tell that they’re from the Thompsons?! I even told you
constantly to make sure you treat them well. Is this treating them well?!” The more Darius spoke, the angrier he got. He kicked
Gordon right to the floor.
Even though he did not know what happened between Leon and Gordon, he could still see what the situation was.
He could easily guess that Gordon mistreated them or disrespected them. Otherwise, there was no way both sides would have
started fighting! Gordon was definitely to blame!
“Darius, I–I didn’t know they were from the Thompsons. I didn’t do it on purpose!”
After knowing who Leon and the others were, Gordon’s expression paled. He fell to the ground, not knowing what to do.
Of course, it was not just him, Nolan and Norin were not much better.
Earlier, they attacked Leon constantly under Gordon’s orders.
They had completely ashen looks on their faces after finding out that Leon and the others were from the Thompsons. Their
hearts sank.
“Gordon, this is all your fault! I’ll remember this! I’ll make sure to settle things with you when we’re back!” Darius shouted angrily.
After that, he ignored Gordon as he walked toward Leon, Roanne, and the others.

“Miss Thompson, it’s been a long time. Our family mistreated you this time and offended all of you a lot. Please forgive us,”
Darius went over to greet Roanne and apologize.
“Mister Hughes, you’re too kind. This time, One of you has been disrespectful to Leon and Snow. Please make sure to make it
up to the two of them,” Roanne said unhappily.
Ever since Leon saved her so many times, she already viewed Leon as someone she relied upon and she was very close to.
Leon’s position in her heart was second only to Yuri and her parents..
Earlier, she saw what Gordon and the others tried to do to Leon.
Even if she was always kind and innocent, she was still angered!
“Miss Thompson, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to give you a good explanation!” Darius nodded. After that, he turned to look at Leon.
“If I’m not mistaken, you must be Mister Leon Wolf? Mister Wolf, I’ve heard Mister Thompson mention your name before. He
always praised you for being a man among men, and has always praised your talent! It looks like he was not exaggerating!”
Darius laughed in a friendly manner.
Even though he did not know if Leon was as excellent as Yuri said, Leon was still able to easily avoid the old man’s strike earlier.
It meant that he was skilled in martial arts! Just from that point alone, he had to look at Leon in a better light.

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