The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1766

Chapter 1766
“Mister Hughes, you’re too kind,” Leon said calmly.
Even though he hated Gordon, Darius was much more friendly, so he had a decent impression of Darius.
“Mister Wolf, our family is at fault for what happened today. We’ve wronged you. Please forgive us,” Darius said.
After that, he looked over at Gordon behind him with a cold expression. He shouted, “Gordon, hurry up and apologize to Mister
Wolf and the rest of them. Make sure you get him to forgive you!”
“Ah, yes,” Gordon was shocked. He hurriedly got up, and no longer looked as arrogant as he did before.
“Wait! Mister Hughes, if you let him just settle this with an apology, you’d be letting him off too easily!” Leon said seriously.
Mister Wolf, how do you want to settle this?” Darius asked.
Leon thought about it for a moment.
He wanted to break Gordon’s legs as revenge for Snow!
However, Darius was acting quite kind and seemed to be friendly with Yuri as well.
No matter what, he needed to make sure that he did not make things too hard for Darius. He could not be too ruthless.
“How about this? Since you’ve been good to us, just have him kneel and apologize to Snow. Make him get her forgiveness! Then
I’ll forget about this!” Leon said calmly, voicing out his condition.
Everyone was shocked at what Leon said.
Even though Gordon was at fault this time, Gordon was still married to the Hughes. He was Darius‘ brother- in–law as well.
Leon asking Gordon to kneel and apologize was a slap to Darius’s face and a slap to the Hughes as well!
“Impossible! Mister Wolf, your request is crossing the line a bit!” Darius‘ expression darkened.
The Hughes were one of the major families in the Southern Region. Their position was a respected one!

If he let Gordon kneel and apologize, then the Hughes would be greatly embarrassed if word ever got out!
There was no way he could agree to that!
“Crossing the line? Mister Hughes, when it comes to crossing the line, I can’t even compare to the Hughes!” Leon said coldly.
“Why do you say that?” Darius said with a frown.
“Forgive me for being honest, but we came over here because we sincerely wanted to discuss working with the Hughes.
However, Mister Bailey here was not only incredibly rude, but he also set his eyes on Snow and tried to take advantage of us as
well. I ended up stopping it. After that, your experts came over. I let him go
like I said I would, but they ended up being dishonorable and started to attack me. If I wasn’t skilled enough, I might have already
fallen into your hands! Who’s the one that’s crossing the line now?!” Leon sneered.
“What? Did that happen?!” Darius was shocked to hear that. His heart sank.
Gordon was his brother–in–law, but Gordon was still thinking about taking advantage of a different woman. Just that alone was
not something he could tolerate!
That was not all!
The Hughes were a morally upright family just like the Thompsons were. They viewed their family’s name and reputation with
great importance!
There was no way the Hughes would ever tolerate anyone who did anything dishonorable or ruined the family name!
Yet, Gordon did both of them, and they even ended up angering the Thompsons!
It was obvious how angry Darius would feel!

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