Chapter 1767

Chapter 1767
“Nolan, Norin, is what Mister Wolf said true?” Darius shot a sharp look at the two of them. He wanted to see if Leon was
speaking the truth.
The two of them were shocked. They immediately knelt.
“Sir, we were just listening to orders. It was not what we wanted to do,” Nolan and Norin both started to break out with cold
sweats, worried that Darius would direct his anger at that.
“I’m asking the two of you if it happened! You can just answer me honestly!” Darius said coldly.
“Yes, what Mister Wolf said is true!” The two of them said.
“Very good! Gordon, you sure are something else. You’ve greatly embarrassed the family this time!” Darius was furious. With a
wave of his hand, an incredibly powerful wave of energy surged at Gordon!
Gordon was not even able to react in time as he was sent flying by Gordon’s true energy. He rolled on the ground a few times
and spat out mouthfuls of blood.
“Darius, I–I didn’t do it on purpose!”
Gordon crawled up pathetically as he clutched his chest in pain.
He still wanted to defend himself, but the truth was plain for all to see. No matter what he said, there was no way Darius would
believe him. It would only make Darius even angrier!
So, he wisely shut his mouth up.
“Kneel! Apologize to Mister Wolf and the others!” Darius held back the anger in his heart as he said coldly.
This time, Gordon tried to abuse his power. Leon was already being very kind by only having Gordon kneel and apologize, not
pursuing the matter.
For the sake of appeasing Leon and the Thompsons, he accepted Leon’s conditions.

Gordon did not dare to go against Darius‘ orders. Even though he was reluctant, he was forced to hold back the humiliation as
he knelt in front of Leon and Snow.
“Snow, I-” Gordon opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, he was interrupted by Snow.
“Don’t call me Snow, you have no right!” Snow said coldly.
“Miss Poole, I was at fault just now. I offended you deeply. Please forgive me just this once,” Gordon apologized.
“Whatever, I hope you know your place in the future!” Snow said coldly. She felt quite complicated in her heart, but there was a
sense of closure as well.
In the end, Gordon was still her ex–boyfriend. He liked Gordon before.
Yet, they were already enemies at this point. It was normal for her to feel conflicted!
Due to her romantic trauma, she was not able to step out of the shadows of it in the past few years
After seeing the ugly character behind Gordon, she just felt immensely disgusted. It caused the conflict in her heart to come
undone. She felt like she finally let go!
She felt incredibly happy about that!
After gaining Snow’s forgiveness, Gordon looked like a heavy burden was taken off his shoulders. He was just about to stand up
when he saw Leon there. He knelt again.
“Mister Wolf, I was ignorant this time and offended you. Please forgive me,” Gordon said.
“Get up! For the sake of the Hughes, this matter will stop here! However, if there’s a second time, you won’t be so lucky!” Leon
said coldly.
“Yes, yes, there won’t be a second time,” Gordon immediately stood up after that.

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