The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu

Chapter 1121

Nonetheless, Frank hesitated for a while before clapping Susan on the shoulder.
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Turnbull now isn’t the time. We need to find out what happened.” “What happened…?” Walter murmured, confused even as he looked around at members of his extended family gathered around him.
He then smacked his head and frowned as he recalled, “Hold on, shouldn’t I attend Denise Laine’s coming-of-age ceremony? How did I get here?”
“Jet brought you back.” Glen turned toward a towering man with hardened facial features, looking around his thirties.
“Jet…?” Walter was stunned, as Jet was leader of the Turnbulls’ blackguards and an adopted son of George Turnbull.
If Walter’s family had to send the blackguards to bring him back, that meant things had gotten troublesome.
“Do you remember what happened at the ceremony yesterday?”
Walter grimaced as he worked hard to recall and shook his head in pain. “I remember Sif Lionheart offering me a toast, and then I got very sleepy… I don’t remember anything else.”
At those words, the Turnbulls realized immediately that the Lionhearts had done something.
Glen turned toward Frank right then. “Could you find out what happened to Walter?”
Frank certainly did not need imagination to see what had happened to Walter.
There must be a nerve agent that caused hallucinations in the wine Sif offered Walter. Once Walter drank it, it led to him molesting Denise.
“I see…” Glen nodded and sighed in relief after Frank told him that. “I knew Walter would never do that! I mean, molesting the daughter of Morhen’s mayor? Really?”
“Exactly.” Susan was smiling too. “He’d never do that. He was set up!”
“What?!” Walter was shocked. “You said I molested the daughter of Morhen’s mayor? Impossible!”
“Like I said, it was a set up,” Glen
said, clapping Walter on the shoulder but soon frowning.
“However, we have no proof, and the Martiat Alliance wouldn’t believe our testimony and would simply
categorize it as an excuse.” Content
Pausing, he shook his head and sighed. “If anything, I’m sure their patience
would have run out, and they’ll be barging in soon enough.”
Just as Glen predicted, a member of the Martial Alliance arrived outside just then and presented Silverbell with a video camera.
“Lady Silverbell,” he exclaimed.
“There’s now solid evidence that et
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Walter Turnbull molested the
daughter of Morher’s mayor Please e take a look! The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
One of the elders beside Silverbell glanced at her just then. “So
evidence, Lady Silverbell? It seems that wasn’t as prudent as you are.”
were waiting for decisive you
“Uh-huh.” Silverbell nodded and tapped on the screen.
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The video showed Walter indeed
molesting Denise with a sleazy smile, and there was no mistaking him with here was no
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Silverbell drew her sword and pointed
it at Turnbull Estate. “Go! Arrest
Walter Turnbull for bis@ime. Kill’any
who stand in your way!” “Yes, Lady
Silverbell!” the members of the
Martial Alliance roared as they
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