The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy

Chapter 658

“I do not deny my ability to grant your desire. I can indeed cure your friend of that which ails her.”
The Oracle’s response to Rey was cold, and the tiny smile that formed on her face slowly faded away, leaving behind the cold demeanor she had not too long before. Rey noticed this, but his stubbornness made him unable to give up.
“However, just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should.” The Oracle said in a rather detached tone.
“If you are so desperate for my assistance, then perhaps I can propose some sort of arrangement-a trade of sorts.”
Rey raised his eyebrows a little, but his suspicions didn’t stop him from jumping on the opportunity as soon as he heard what was being said. “What trade?!”
“I will require a sacrifice from you in order to fulfill your request. I wonder if you possess sufficient resolve for that.”
“Sacrifice…?” Rey was beginning to have bad feelings about what he was hearing. Still, he had come too far to turn back at this point. And so, as he
swallowed and readied himself for whatever The Oracle would tell him, he asked the question.
“What sacrifice?”
Her hand moved slowly, and she pointed her finger in a particular direction— towards the girl that stood behind him.
“The Half Elf girl. Hand her over, and I will cure your friend.”
Somehow, Rey had already expected this outcome. His surprise now was more fabricated than genuine when considering how obvious The Oracle’s interests were from the start.
It was clear that Esme and the woman before him shared some connection. The Oracle’s desire to have her further proved the point.
But… why? What was the connection?
“Why do you want Esme?” Rey asked, his voice trembling slightly. “Is there nothing else you desire?”
“That is none of your business, Rey Skylar.”
He already knew she would respond in such a way, yet he asked the question. At this point, he could no longer stall for time or try to push the issue in any other direction.
He had reached an eventual deadlock after prolonging the inevitable for so long. “…”
“Think about it, Rey Skylar. I am more than willing and able to offer you what you desire. Is that not why you came to this Land?”
“All you have to do is hand her over, and I will grant your wish.”
Rey stared hard at The Oracle, allowing the tension he felt to permeate the room for a moment. The choice presented to him was evidently too difficult.
If he gave up Esme, then he would have Alicia, and perhaps obtain a Skill that would remove his need of The Oracle forever. But, if he chose Esme, nothing would change about his current circumstances.
The choice… was it that difficult?
It wasn’t for Rey. The answer was already obvious to him. He just needed enough time to think about the follow-up before responding with the only reply he could possibly give.
“I refuse!”
“Oh? Having a change of heart? Perhaps you are not as desperate as I imagined…” As she said this, Rey resorted to an option he prayed would work.
Removing all his spatial layers, he released his full scent into the area. So far, it had worked on all the Elves, helping him solve certain problems that would take forever to accomplish.
If that could work on the stubborn Elves, he hoped it would have at least some effect on The Oracle.
Unfortunately, it did not.
“Hm? Did you just do something?” She asked, cocking her head to the side a little.
In all honesty, Rey felt a little mortified by her response to the only plan he could think of to get her on his side. It was painful, but didn’t he already expect this?
‘Her scent was overpowering at first, but thankfully I’ve adapted to it. I should have expected her to be unaffected by my scent since she’s much stronger than
Her Stats were unreal, and her Skills basically made her a walking cheat code.
‘She has a higher Class than I do, and she has an SSS-Tier Skill too. I have more Skills than her overall, but what good would that do for me here?’ He swallowed hard as he tried to think of something-anything-that he could do.
“Can I ask a question…?” Rey mumbled as he did his best to observe The Oracle’s stoic face.
She shrugged in response.
“You mentioned how I’m not the one meant to see you. That it’s the Hero…”
“So… do you know about Adonis?”
“Indeed. He is a stranger here.”
“You mean… an Otherworlder?” Rey raised his brow as he watched The Oracle’s
expression change ever so slightly.
“Well, there’s that too. In any case… why are you here instead of him?”
“I don’t know. I didn’t know he was the one meant to see you. I don’t even know
where he is right now.” “I see…”
Rey licked his lips a little and attempted yet another question. Depending on the answer, he would know what to do next.
“If Adonis… the Hero… was the one that came here to make his request, would
you fulfill his request?”
The Oracle smiled a little as soon as she heard the question.
It almost felt like she read his mind.
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“I would. He is The Hero, after all. The
central piece of mine, and the one! who will lead all the other pieces to the enemy’s camp.” The content is on! Read the latest
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As soon as he heard this, Rey realized he wasn’t completely out of options.
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‘If I find Adonis and tell him to help
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Still, there was one more question on his mind.
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“What piece am I on your board?” The
Oracle, for the first time, delayed in
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Finally, she parted her lips and let out the words.
“I… do not know.”

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