The Joy of Revenge

Chapter 1997

Chapter 1997, Dragon Pressure Suppression
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After Qin Yu spoke, countless cultivators became even more anxious to begin.
Although they thought that the treasures on the altar were good from the start, none of them were certain and with so many others around, none dared to act too rashly for fear of bringing death to themselves.
But after listening to what Qin Yu said, everyone renewed their determination.
A chance to reach the Emperor Realm was enough for them to risk their lives. However, some people remained calm and asked loudly, “Dare I ask Young Lady Qin if any dangers are associated with this Soaring Dragon Altar?”
“Dangers… most definitely, possibly life-threatening ones at that, but as for what specific dangers there are… This Mistress does not know; after all, the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda is Star Soul Palace’s supreme treasure, so not much is recorded in available ancient books. This Mistress is also entering this place for the first time, so…”
Hearing this, everyone showed disappointment.
Although many suspected Qin Yu knew more than she was telling, she had already revealed so much which could be considered a great benevolence, so if they were to try to force the matter, it would be tantamount to slapping the Qin Family’s face.
Almost everyone present lived in Maplewood City, so who would be willing to offend one of its most powerful families? If they did that, even if they could leave the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda safely, they would have to live their life in fear of the Qin Family coming to settle accounts with them.
“However… it is said that this Soaring Dragon Altar is an artifact refined from real dragon bones, so if one wants to get close to the Soaring Dragon Altar, they must at least be able to resist the Dragon Pressure of an Ancient Dragon,” Qin Yu continued for some unknown reason.
“Refined from Dragon Bone?”
“The Dragon Pressure of an Ancient Dragon?”
Many called out in alarm.
At that moment, a whooshing sound rang out from nearby, like something was cutting through the air at an extreme speed, shocking everyone and forcing them to circulate their strength as they vigilantly observed their surroundings.
The next moment though, someone exclaimed, “Shameless! Acting so sneakily!”
It seemed that when everyone’s attention was attracted by Qin Yu’s explanation about the Soaring Dragon Altar, the cultivators from some force had concealed themselves and quietly approached the Soaring Dragon Altar.
The Secret Technique these people used to conceal themselves was quite exquisite and no one noticed their actions.
If it were not for the sudden change in the Soaring Dragon Altar, these people might have actually been able to sneak away with all the treasures without anyone being the wiser.
But at this moment… these people were all exposed. There were not many of them, just five in total, all of them approaching from different directions towards the Soaring Dragon Altar.
Now though it seemed one of these people had triggered some kind of Spirit Array around the Soaring Dragon Altar and caused it to send out bolts of light towards them.
The group of five were caught off guard and two of them were killed on the spot, blood splashing out as their bodies were cut apart. The survivors knew that they had been exposed and had lost their chance, so they immediately stopped trying to conceal themselves and instead focused on defending against the incoming attack.
Fortunately, the Soaring Dragon Altar’s attack did not seem to be too strong, so after the remaining three were able to defend themselves without too much difficulty. Glancing around and seeing the looks on everyone else’s faces, these three exchanged a knowing look, grit their teeth, and rushed forward.
“Damn it, it’s the Ghost Step Sect!”
“This group of pitiful weaklings dares to covet my treasures; they must court death!”
“Those treasures are mine!”
Seeing a group already racing towards the Soaring Dragon Altar, the remaining cultivators no longer held back, and each used their own Movement Skills to rush up as well, everyone hoping to reach the Soaring Dragon Altar as soon as possible to seize the treasures there for themselves.
Jiang Chu He was amongst the fastest and with a flicker, he flew out several hundred metres in the blink of an eye as his gaze fixed on a certain Secret Art atop the Soaring Dragon Altar and waved his hand towards it.
At that moment, a rope-like artifact shot forward towards the Secret Art which was still a few hundred metres away.
“Young Master Jiang, you…” When someone saw this, they called out in shock.
“Hahahaha!” Jiang Chu He laughed, as if the Secret Art was already in his hands and he had cultivated it to perfection, reaching the peak of the world, his arrogance greatly inflated as he shouted, “Treasures belong to those who can seize them. This Secret Art… belongs to this Jiang.”
As soon as his voice fell, however, his smile stiffened as he stared at his rope artifact in a daze and muttered, “How could this be?”
His rope artifact had only extended about ten metres forward before it fell to the ground limply, as if it had lost all spirituality, and no matter how Jiang Chu He urged it, he could not make it respond.
Not only him, but other people who wanted to use their artifacts to obtain the treasures on the Soaring Dragon Altar all lost their connection with their artifacts
at that moment.
While Jiang Chu He was in a state of shock, a huge pressure suddenly fell from the sky and forced him to the ground, planting his face in the dirt while sending
up a big cloud of dust.
“Hahahaha, Young Master Jiang, your ability to bow your head all the way to the ground is quite exquisite. This one deeply admires your skill!” The previous cultivator laughed as he shot back Jiang Chu He, not forgetting to ridicule him
before leaving.
“Damn it, I’ll remember you!” Jiang Chu He stood up from his humiliation and cursed.
Looking around, all the cultivators around who had wanted to fly over to the Soaring Dragon Altar found themselves in similar situations to his own, plummeting from the sky and landing in miserable poses.
This discovery made the bitterness in Jiang Chu He’s heart disperse greatly.
In an instant, everyone understood that if they wanted to obtain the treasures on this Soaring Dragon Altar, they would need to personally rush up and seize them.
However… this was definitely not an easy task.
The distance between the surrounding crowd and the altar was not much, so no one put it in their eyes at first, but as one got closer to the Soaring Dragon Altar, fierce and inexplicable coercion swept towards them. In the eyes of all cultivators present, the entire Soaring Dragon Altar seemed to transform into a giant Ancient Dragon that had opened its giant maw and was just waiting for its prey to leap
Some of the cultivators who had weaker wills became dazed and froze on the spot, their eyes filling with fear as their bodies trembled violently. Others, even if they were able to withstand the terrifying Dragon Pressure, were struggling simply to lift their feet, a far cry from the speed they had just shown. “Young Lady, we…” On the other side, the Qin Family group was still huddled around Qin Yu. Under Qin Yu’s instructions, they had approached the Soaring Dragon Altar unhurriedly.
Qin Yu coughed lightly from time to time, with a completely composed expression on her face. On the contrary, the other Qin Family cultivators all looked extremely anxious, seemingly worried the others present would snatch all the benefits before they had a chance.
“Don’t panic!” Qin Yu finally took a breath and whispered, “The Soaring Dragon
Altar… is not so easy to approach. Instead of rushing, we should take this opportunity… to feel the Dragon Pressure of an Ancient Dragon. This pressure has… a great effect when it comes to tempering oneself. If… in the future, you encounter a powerful foe, having this experience will allow you to maintain your
Although Qin Yu was only a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, she seemed to have enormous prestige among this group of Qin Family guards, so when she spoke, all of them immediately calmed down, stilled their hearts, and focused their minds to use the surrounding Dragon Pressure to temper their wills while guarding their Young Lady.
Suddenly, Qin Yu’s brow furrowed as she turned towards a certain direction.
When she did, she met eyes with Yang Kai who flashed her a smile as he casually strolled forward.
“He is…” Qin Yu looked deeply at Yang Kai’s back and found to her surprise that, despite her innate ability to see through others, she could not do so with him.
He did not seem to have the slightest eagerness for the treasures on the Soaring
Dragon Altar, and while everyone else was struggling with all their might, he acted as if he was taking a leisurely walk through his garden.
Qin Yu shook her head slightly, closed her eyes, and lowered her head. The next
moment, when she raised her head up again, a profound light, like the brilliant stars in the night sky, flashed across her eyes.
At that exact moment, Yang Kai’s body went stiff, as if a gaze that was able to
see through all of his secrets had been fixed onto him.
Turning his head back abruptly, he met eyes with Qin Yu once more.
The next instant, Qin Yu’s tender body trembled, and she began coughing violently.
“Young Lady!” The guards were shocked.
Qin Yu waved her hand lightly as she doubled over and covered her mouth with her silk handkerchief, coughing hard for a moment before gradually recovering. “I’m fine,” Qin Yu gasped, but when she looked up again to where Yang Kai was before, she found that he had completely disappeared and let out a sigh. “This woman is quite strange,” at the same time, Yang Kai, who had submerged
himself into the crowd, frowned and muttered.
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He had felt that this girl named Qin Yu was somehow extraordinary, but with the other party’s cultivation je being just a trivial Second-Order Origin Returning Realm, he was
unable to reconcile his instincts with
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But when Qin Yu looked at him just now, like she was peering into his very
depths, Yang Kai could not help feeling chills up his spine.
“If it is not necessary, it would be best to have less contact with her in the future,”
Yang Kai muttered as he made up his mind, fearing that his secret might
inexplicably be leaked to her.
At that moment, a scream suddenly sounded.
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A cultivator, who had been petrified in
place by the Dragon Pressure for
some time now let out a pitifully cry and shivered violently, like he was En seeing something horrifying, and in a panic, his Qi began to riot, and he released several Secret Techniques into the air around him. The content
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A moment later, with a resounding bang, this cultivator’s head exploded,
releasing a great splash of red and white before his headless corpse fell miserably to the ground.
This shocked and terrified the nearby cultivators.
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But things had not ended yet. Like a
spark that lit a fuse, the death of this
person set off a myriad of screams from different locations. The encounters of these cultivators were just like the first, seemingly falling into a nightmare, their strength fluctuating chaotically, launching random attacks, then having their
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“Dragon Pressure Suppression!” Someone in the crowd yelled in horror.
Everyone understood how these people were killed. Obviously, they were
overwhelmed by the supreme Dragon Pressure here, causing a fault in their Souls which led to their death.
For a moment, some of the more timid and lower strength cultivators did not dare
to advance and instead tried to turn around and retreat.
However, the moment these people stepped back, bursts of light rapidly shot out
from the Soaring Dragon Altar towards them. Everyone was shocked by this scene. These lights were not shot out at random though and were actually targeted at
the cultivators who were trying to flee.
In the blink of an eye, more than thirty more corpses littered the ground.

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