The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000
Just as Ellinor was about to hang up the phone, she halted, “Spill it. Who are you, and what’s up?”
The other party answered, “I’m near you! Look to your left, and you’ll see who I am!”
Ellinor’s gaze quickly shifted to the left, where she saw a silhouette waving at her from an alleyway..
It was Haillie, a face she hadn’t seen in a while.
She had used a voice changer during the call, so Ellinor hadn’t recognized her voice.
If Haillie had nothing to hide, she wouldn’t use a voice changer, so Ellinor guessed something was up.
Ellinor watched cautiously and chuckled into the phone, “Haillie, is that you? If you need me, just say so. No need for these cloak
and dagger games. You think it’s fun or something?”
Haillie stood at the intersection, “I do need you. Come here; we need to talk.”
Ellinor wasn’t fooled. She politely laughed, “I’ll pass. I’m almost at the Blanchet’s. You can come in with me, and we can talk
After a failed car accident yesterday, Haillie was now being hunted citywide by Theo’s people. She didn’t dare to go home, stay
in a hotel, or even step foot into the Blanchet’s house!
“I can’t go to the Blanchet’s. I heard Putnam and Marissa Blanchet are back. It’d be awkward to talk with them around. Come
here, let’s find a place without people.”
Haillie was Patricia’s good friend and was often used by her. Now that she was looking for Ellinor, it must be about Patricia again.
Ellinor wasn’t playing ball, and she calmly said, “Then, I’m sorry. I’m dog tired today. If you’re not up for coming to the Blanchet’s
with me, we’ll have to pick this up some other day.”
With that, Ellinor hung up and prepared to go in.
Listening to the busy signal, Haillie gritted her teeth.
Ellinor was still as difficult as ever!

Thinking of the task she had to complete today, Haillie quickly caught up with her before she could go in, “Hold up!”
Ellinor was about to enter, but hearing Haillie’s voice, she turned around and, while smiling, she questioned Haillie, “Changed
your mind, Haillie? Ready to come in?”
Haillie frowned, “Do I have a choice? You won’t come out and talk with me!”
If she hadn’t just seen Theo drive away without getting out of the car, she wouldn’t dare to go into the Blanchet’s place.
While Theo wasn’t home, she could seize this opportunity to sort out some stuff…
Ellinor smiled and said, “Well, come on in then!”
And with that, she led Haillie into the Blanchet’s.
In the Blanchet’s living room, Putnam, Marissa, and Veronica Blanchet were having lunch.
Hearing the entrance, Marissa looked up and saw Ellinor, immediately smiling, “Ellinor’s back! Perfect timing, wash your hands,
and join us for lunch!”
After changing into slippers, Ellinor entered the room, greeted her grandparents, and then said, “Grandma, I’ve got a friend over.
We’ve got some stuff to talk about. Can we have lunch sent up to my room so we can chat while we eat?”

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