The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002
“Because you said outside you were worried Putnam and Marissa might interrupt our chit-chat, that’s why I brought you to this
soundproof room, is there something you wanna get off your chest? Don’t worry. No one can hear us in here.”
Is this room really soundproof?
Hearing this, Haillie couldn’t help but think a lot. She thought Ellinor was shameless, implying she and Theo were lovey-dovey!
However, Ellinor had no such intention and just continued munching her lunch.
Haillie, arms crossed, watched her eat with disgust. “Ellinor, are you knocked up?”
Ellinor paused for a second, then smiled, “Yep, I am.”
Haillie frowned and started to question, “Does Theo know about this? Do the elders of the Blanchet family know?”
Ellinor replied, “Of course Theo knows, but the Blanchet family’s old folks might not. We haven’t made it public yet, afraid they
might freak out.”
Haillie looked at her, puzzled and scoffed, “Ellinor, I’ve never met a woman as shameless as you. You did such a thing without
feeling guilty, and you’re even acting all high and mighty.”
Ellinor didn’t understand what she meant, chewed on her meat, then glanced at her, “Haillie, how am I shameless? If you’re
gonna call me names, at least have a reason.
Haillie was getting annoyed, “Isn’t there enough evidence?”
Ellinor replied, “You’re calling me shameless without any proof. Isn’t that baseless?”
Haillie was infuriated by her attitude, “Ellinor, stop beating around the bush! I’m talking about something important here!”
Ellinor looked at her, munching away, “What important stuff? I didn’t catch that.”
Haillie gritted her teeth, “Stop playing dumb! Aren’t we talking about your pregnancy? Isn’t that crucial?”
Ellinor nodded, “Yeah, that’s crucial. I already answered you, I’m indeed pregnant. As for those so-called sins you’re talking
about, I have no clue and never do them.”

Haillie laughed sarcastically, “You’ve done no wrong? Then tell me, whose kid is it that you’re carrying?”
Ellinor was taken aback, then laughed, “Whose kid? Who else could it be but Theo’s?”
Haillie stared at her, disgusted, “Quit the act. Patricia already spilled the beans! The kid is not Theo’s at all; you’re just exploiting
his trust in you, using this pregnancy to win his favor again!”
Ellinor found it amusing and was curious about how Patricia had manipulated Haillie.
Then, I put down my cutlery, took a sip of water, and asked, “Who do you guys think the father is?”
Haillie really didn’t want to say it because the ‘truth’ Patricia told her was hard for her to swallow. She clenched her teeth and
was silent for a long time before she finally said, “Isn’t the kid in your belly Balfour’s?”

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