The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004
Haillie furrowed her brow, “Ellinor, what are you trying to say? That Patricia’s been using me? How dare you badmouth Patricia!”
Ellinor barely held back a laugh and took a small sip from her water glass, “Haillie, haven’t you noticed? All these years,
Patricia’s been playing the same trick. She gets others to do her dirty work. All she does is shed a few crocodile tears in front of
you guys, playing the victim to get what she wants. No matter what happens, she’s always the innocent one, isn’t she?”
Haillie was adamant that there was nothing wrong with her friend, “Patricia is innocent! She’s been pure and kind since we were
kids and wouldn’t even hurt an ant. She’s not the scheming type you described. Plus, we protect her because we want to! Ellinor,
I think you’re just jealous that Patricia is well-liked. Stop talking smack about Patricia in front of me; I won’t let you sway me!”
Ellinor, looking at the stubborn Haillie in front of her, rubbed her temples, “I don’t want to discuss anything else. I don’t know what
happened between you guys, and I only know what happened when I was there.
Haillie, do you remember when you were accused of ‘hiring a hitman’ and got jailed for it?
That was actually a show put on by Patricia herself. She originally wanted to frame me but failed, so she let you take the fall for
Patricia not only plays innocent well, but she’s also very cautious. She had a contingency plan, showed your photo to the
suspect beforehand, and told him to pin it on you if anything happens and not to expose her.”
Haillie was taken aback, then found this claim preposterous, “You’re talking nonsense! You were the one who orchestrated that
got me jailed for months for nothing! It’s been so long. How can you still blame Patricia?”
Ellinor shook her head helplessly, “If I was the one behind it, why would I let Patricia off the hook and frame you, who has no
direct impact on me? Does that make sense?”
Haillie was speechless, seeming to fall into doubt…
Ellinor continued, “Haillie, think about what I said. You came to me out of the blue, and I bet Patricia told you something and
asked you to do something to me, right?”
Coincidentally, Ellinor was right. Patricia did call her before she came…
Haillie was stunned, her eyes flickering, seemingly shaken but reluctant to believe her best friend would use her. She was torn.

Seeing Haillie not responding, Ellinor continued, “This time, did Patricia tell you that I set her up, made her lose her favor, and
even got her sent to the countryside by the Howard family?”
Haillie snapped back to reality, furrowed her brows, “That’s exactly what Patricia told me…
Ellinor, I thought about it, and some of what you said makes sense. Every time Patricia would say things that tug at my
heartstrings, I can’t help but get angry for her, solve her problems while she stays out of it.”
Ellinor looked at her and said, “That’s right. It’s not too late for you to realize now. Don’t let people use you anymore.”
Haillie nodded, then looked at her with a puzzled look and said, “Ellinor, when did you realize that Patricia was using me?”
Ellinor gave a faint smile and said, “Haillie, I have no grudge against you. You’ve been hostile to me since we first met. At first, I
thought it was because you liked Mr. Blanchet, so you saw me as the enemy.
It was only later that I became aware of Patricia’s existence. That’s when I realized that most of the times you were messing with
me, it was all for Patricia.
Patricia sure knows how to play people, using their affection and sympathy for her to bend them to her will.
Let me guess, she probably also used Balfour’s marriage to bait you, telling you that you are the one who should be Balfour’s
wife in her eyes, right?
Haillie took a step back, “How did you know?”
Ellinor smirked, “Obviously, your obsession with Balfour is just what she can use. That’s why she lied that the baby in my belly
was Balfour’s. The goal is to stir up your jealousy and get you to take me out.”

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