The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005
When Ellinor laid it all out like that, it was so logical that it was scary.
Haillie’s faith wavered, “Patricia has been using me all along…
Patricia was Haillie’s best friend. They grew up together, wore the same clothes, wore the same hair clips, learned to dance
together, and went abroad to study together.
Growing up in a family where boys were valued more than girls, Haillie had always envied Patricia being the apple of her family’s
eye. Since becoming best friends with the most beloved young lady of the Howard family, her status in the Knotts family had also
improved considerably.
At that time, Patricia was not only the most beloved girl of the Howard family but also Theo’s lifesaver!
The elders of the Knotts family started to treat her very well to build relationships with the Howard and Blanchet families. They
bought her many gifts and held a grand birthday party for her, all to invite the young lady of the Howard family and Theo.
In fact, thanks to Patricia’s referrals, the Knotts family did receive some business and investments from the Howard and Blanchet
families, and their family business gradually recovered.
With referrals from the Howard and Blanchet families, the Knotts family started to get attention from major companies in the
business world. Their business went smoothly, and the elders considered her a benefactor of the family.
So, she was always grateful to Patricia for the care the Howard and Blanchet families extended to her and the Knotts family. She
regarded her as a friend for life. She could not believe that Patricia would use her…
Maybe the truth hit her too hard. Haillie’s vision went black, and she almost fell to the ground.
Ellinor reacted quickly and immediately got up to support her, “Haillie? Are you okay?”
Haillie felt dizzy and barely opened her eyes, and her vision gradually cleared. Seeing Ellinor’s stunning face without any
makeup, she said somewhat awkwardly, “Ellinor, thank you for letting me know the truth! I’ll take my leave now. I need to ask
Patricia why she lied to me. We’re best friends!”

She refused Ellinor’s help and insisted on standing up by herself. Because she was too agitated, she was unsteady on her feet
and swayed with every step.
Ellinor helped her up again; looking at Haillie’s state of barely being able to walk properly, she raised an eyebrow.

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