The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007
“Ellinor, I suggest you walk me to the door
Ellinor paused and looked back at Haillie.
Veronica frowned, “Haillie, don’t you want me to accompany you?”
Haillie shook her head, “No, I just suddenly have a few words for Ellinor. You’re still young, and some things are not suitable for
you to hear.”
Veronica pouted angrily, “Haillie, I’m not a kid anymore! I’m an adult now!”
Haillie gave a helpless smile and ignored Veronica. She looked at Ellinor with sincere eyes, “Ellinor, can you accompany me to
the front door? I just remembered I have a few words to say to you about Theo.”
Ellinor squinted her eyes and thought for a while before nodding, “Sure.”
Then, Ellinor turned around, ready to go out with Haillie, to escort her to the front door, eager to hear what she had to say about
Now that Haillie knew Patricia’s true colors, she could have revealed some important things.
Veronica also followed them out.
After taking a few steps, Haillie noticed that Veronica was following and stopped to tell her, “Veronica, you don’t need to follow.
What Ellinor and I have to discuss is not suitable for you to hear.”
Veronica stubbornly crossed her arms, “No, I want to follow! I’m not a kid anymore. I want to hear about my brother.”
Haillie frowned with some annoyance, “This is grown-up talk. I don’t want to discuss it in front of you.”
Upon hearing this, Veronica’s eyes widened, and her face turned slightly red. She was a bit embarrassed but still insisted
stubbornly. “I’m an adult, not a child. If I want to listen, I will. So what?”
Haillie was a bit helpless but still didn’t want Veronica to follow, so she didn’t move.
Seeing this, Ellinor squinted her eyes a bit, then made a gesture to Veronica…

Veronica saw Ellinor beckoning her over, frowned, and walked up to her, “What’s up?”
Ellinor leaned in and whispered something in her ear. Veronica’s stubborn expression faded, “All right, I get it! I won’t go with
After saying that, Veronica turned around and went upstairs.
Seeing that Ellinor was able to convince Veronica so easily, Haillie asked in surprise, “What did you just say to Veronica?”
Ellinor smiled, “It’s a secret.”
Haillie looked at Ellinor and said, “Ellinor, I admire you. You’re really amazing. Not only can you make a man like Theo loyal to
you, but even Veronica, who has always disliked you, can be convinced now.”
Ellinor didn’t agree, “You flatter me. Let’s go, Haillie. I’ll escort you to the door first! Don’t you still have grown-up talk to discuss
with me? I’m very much looking forward to it!”
The corner of Haillie’s mouth twitched slightly. The grown-up talk was just an excuse she used to fool Veronica, just a pretext to
not let her follow!
Did Ellinor really think she was going to talk about grown-up stuff?

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