The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008
The duo arrived at the entrance of the Blanchet family’s property. Ellinor paused and turned to Haillie, “Haillie, if you’ve got
something to say, now’s the time.”
Haillie glanced around, hesitating, “But aren’t there surveillance cameras here? The Blanchet family’s system records audio,
Ellinor chuckled, “Indeed, their system does record audio, but unless something goes wrong, nobody usually checks the
recordings. So, no one will know what you said. Go ahead, Haillie.”
Haillie looked troubled, “Even if no one checks the recordings, I still feel uneasy leaving a record. Some things are hard to talk
about… We’ve come this far, Ellinor, a few more steps shouldn’t hurt, right? There’s an alley up ahead where the system can’t
pick up sound. Let’s move over there and continue our chat.”
Ellinor glanced at the camera, and the alley Haillie was pointing at. Not only was it out of audio range, but it was also a blind spot
for the security
Haillie was deliberately leading her to a blind spot. Considering she didn’t want Veronica to follow, Ellinor couldn’t let her guard
Seeing Ellinor’s hesitation, Haillie asked, “Are you worried I’m up to something, Ellinor?”
Ellinor replied, “Shouldn’t I be?”
Haillie gave a bitter smile, “Ellinor, you’re overthinking. Since you’ve told me Patricia’s true colors, why would I still work for her?
And if I wanted to do something to you, I wouldn’t pick now. The Blanchet family’s elders and Veronica all know I’m here to see
you. Veronica even saw you walk me out. Not only do I not dare to do anything to you, but I’m also worried that if anything
happens to you, they’ll blame me.”
Ellinor thought for a moment, finding Haillie’s words reasonable. She chuckled, “Fair enough, let’s go then. A few more steps
won’t hurt.”
With that, she followed Haillie to the alley’s entrance but didn’t go in, “Can we talk now?”

Haillie nodded, “Yes, we can.”
Ellinor asked, “So, spill it, what’s the secret about Theo I don’t know?”
As Haillie stared at Ellinor, her gaze deepened as she said, “It’s about Theo…”
Her voice trailed off, filled with embarrassment and a hint of intentional hesitation…
Suddenly, the sound of a car engine echoed from the alley. Haillie glanced in, and after confirming the situation, she violently
shoved Ellinor, shouting, “Ellinor, I’ve had enough of you. Go to hell!”
Ellinor’s pupils dilated in fear as she tumbled into the middle of the alley, the sound of a car speeding towards her ringing in her
ears. She instinctively looked towards the noise. Even in the daylight, the car’s high beams were blinding.
Suddenly, a loud crash!
Ellinor’s body rolled onto the car’s windshield and then fell onto the ground, blood pooling from the back of her head.
The hit-and-run vehicle then quickly reversed a few meters, spun onto the main road, and sped past the Blanchet family’s
entrance, fleeing the scene.
Haillie pretended to chase after the car for a few steps so the cameras could capture her frantic reaction before returning to the
accident site.
In this wealthy neighborhood, the soundproofing was excellent, so no one heard the crash…
Ellinor lay in a pool of blood, her eyes closed, seeming devoid of any signs of life.

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