The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010
This unexpected move caught everyone off guard!
Veronica dashed over, shoving Balfour away.
“Why are you picking a fight with my brother? Sure, there might be some issues between my brother and Ellinor, but it’s none of
your business. What does the Blanchet family have to do with the Howard family?”
Theo simply wiped the blood from his mouth, completely ignoring Balfour. He briskly walked towards the emergency room, ready
to push the door open. Collin caught up to him, trying to reason with him, “Ellinor is being treated right now. If you go in, you
might distract the doctors. Wouldn’t it be better to let them focus on saving her?”
Upon hearing about Ellinor’s accident, Theo lost his cool. His eyes were bloodshot, but Collin’s words did manage to calm him
down a bit.
The man glanced at the two elderly members of the Blanchet family, sitting by the emergency room door, being comforted and
taken care of by their personal attendants. He decided not to disturb the already ill elders and instead turned around and yelled,
“Veronica! Get over here!”
Veronica hurried over, “Bro, I’m right here!”
With a stern face, Theo asked, “I personally saw her home today. She should have been resting after getting home. How did she
end up getting hit by a car?
Veronica was also worried about Ellinor’s condition. She never expected this to happen and proceeded to explain in detail, “Bro,
Ellinor came home with Haillie today. Ellinor said she had something to discuss with Haillie, so they went to your room to chat.
Haillie left after a while, and Ellinor went to see her off. That’s when she got hit by the car…”
Theo’s cold gaze swept over Haillie, who was standing nearby. He only then noticed she was there. His eyes were filled with
murderous intent, as if he had already locked on his target, “You again?”
His words suggested that he believed Haillie had a criminal record!
Three days ago, Ellinor almost got hit by a car but was saved by Balfour. After investigation, it was found that the driver was
instructed by Haillie.

Haillie must have known that she was exposed, so she went into hiding.
That’s why he had been sending people to hunt for Haillie these past few days!
He couldn’t believe that Haillie would dare to harm Ellinor in their own home!
Haillie shuddered under Theo’s gaze. She tried to keep her cool and explained, “Theo, why are you looking at me like that? I
only came to chat with Ellinor…”
Theo’s eyes narrowed, “You’ve never liked her. Why would you suddenly want to chat with her? Three days ago, my wife was
almost hit by a car. Wasn’t you behind the car accident?”
Haillie’s eyes
flickered, but she remembered Patricia’s advice on how to handle suspicion and knew she couldn’t panic now!
Following Patricia’s instructions, she explained, “Theo, I admit that the incident three days ago was due to my misunderstanding
of Ellinor and Balfour’s relationship. I impulsively had someone scare Ellinor. But I didn’t order the driver to hit her. It was his poor
driving skills that hurt her.
Today’s accident has nothing to do with me. I didn’t have anything to do with it! I just wanted to ask her about the child in her
belly. She already gave me the answer. When I was about to leave, she walked me out to get a taxi. We had just stepped out of
the alley when a car suddenly rushed over…”
Theo’s gaze was icy as he asked, “What doubts do you have about her pregnancy?”
Haillie hesitated a bit before answering, somewhat embarrassed, “I heard that the child in Ellinor’s belly isn’t yours but Balfour’s.
I just wanted to confirm it with her…”

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