The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016
Patricia’s eyes were bloodshot, her face a mix of sorrow and anger. She was so worked up that she was panting heavily, her
shoulders sharing with eac
“Haillie, even if you can’t stand Ellinor, you can’t just go and kill her, can you? She’s a real person, for crying out loud! And she
was carrying twind How could you do such a thing…”
Haillie took a step back, her hand flying to her face. The pain in her heart was more intense than the sting on her face.
She stared in disbelief at her friend, who was supposed to clear her name but instead was blaming her openly, Patricia, you
Wasn’t Patricia here to defend her?
Or was this… Patricia’s new game plan?
Despite everything, Haillie still believed in her best friend, still made excuses for her.
But then, hearing the commotion, Balfour lifted his head to look at Patricia, a sharp coldness in his grief–stricken eyes, Patrias,
who did you just say
killed Ellinor?”
Patricia rubbed away her tears, torn between feelings, “Brother, it was Haillie who harmed Ellinor! She acted recklessly! She
hired someone only interested in money, regardless of the consequences, then deliberately went to the Blanchet family, lured
Ellinor to a spot without surveillance in the alley outside their gate, and had her hit! Brother, I tried to stop her. I did. She even
promised me she wouldn’t go after Ellinor, and I thought shed listened, ber in the end, she still did it…”
As Patricia spilled all her actions, Haillie was dumbfounded. She looked at Patricia, her eyes shaking with disbelled, erics, how
could you do this to me? I trusted you! I thought you were my best friend!”
In the face of Haillie’s accusations, Patricia said with pain, “Haillie, we’ve been best friends since we were kids. I could tolerate
anything from you, help you, but I can’t stand by murder! That’s a crime!”

Haillie was on the verge of collapse. She muttered, “Patricia, I did it for you… I only did it so you and Theo could be together
again. How could you betray
me now…”
Patricia took a deep breath, tears streaming down her face, “For me? Haillie, I’ve told you more than once that Theo and I are
over! And I’ve always told you not to harm Ellinor for my sake. Even if you wanted to confront her for me, you can’t just kill her!
Hallie, you’ve already had a criminal record and spent time in jail. Haven’t you learned anything?”
Seeing Patricia acting like she had nothing to do with it, Haillie remembered what Ellinor had told her that morning.
Ellinor had warned her that Patricia was good at playing the victim, using those around her who cared for her and trusted her

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