The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017
Haille didn’t buy what Ellinor was saying for a second Patricia was her ride or die, they’ll grown up together, and Haillie thought
she knew Patricia like the back of her hand. No way would Patricia ever play her like that, and she didnt think for a second that
Patricia had a bad bone in her body
But reality was staring her straight in the face. After getting a glimpse of Patilera’s true colors, Haillie’s faith was seriously
Patricia I can’t believe you’re this kind of person! Haile challenged Patricia, who didit flinch an inch
Instead, she put on an act like she was just trying to give some friendly advice Haillie, I’m just looking out for you! You can run,
but you can’t hide from your mistakes. You might get away for now, but the cops will catch up to you sooner or later I worry that
by then, you’ll be in deep trouble. So, you should turn yourself in get it over with, and hopefully get a lighter sentence Okay?”
Haillie couldn’t believe the nerve of Patricia, acting all holier than thou She felt utte feelings anymore.
betrayed and shot Patricia a death glare, not caring about Patricia’s
Fine, I did hire someone to get rid of Ellinor I admit it But it’s not all on me, Patricia. You planted the idea in my head that Ellinor
was bad news. Ever since you came back, you’ve been hinting that I should give her hell. Even today, you nudged into taking her
in’t for you, I wouldn’t have done this!”
Balfour’s eyes turned icy after hearing Haillie’s confession. The brotherly love he once had for her was replaced with pure hatred.
“You were in
Patricia acted all innocent and shook her head. “No, I wasn’t… Bro, I swear I wasn’t! Haillie must be confused, trying to drag me
down with her.”
Haillie scoffed. She knew her reputation was already down the drain in r’s eyes, so she didn’t give a damn about appearances
If they were going down, Patricia was going down with her!
“I trusted you, and you betrayed me. Enough, Patricia, stop the act! I just realized what a great actress you are! Did I drag you
into this, or did you push me off the cliff? Dare you say you weren’t involved in this? Before I went to find Ellinor, we talked on the

phone. You said that only if Ellinor was out of the picture, we’d have a shot at getting our man. Isn’t that suggesting that I should
get rid of Ellinor?”
Patricia looked shocked and hurt. “What are you talking about, Haillie? How could you make up such lies to frame me? When did
I suggest you to get rid of Ellinor? On the phone, I was clearly telling you to stop hurting Ellinor!”
For the first time, Haillie felt disgusted by her so–called best friend. Patricia was a better actress than any movie star, and if
Haillie wasn’t the one involved this time, she might have been fooled by Patricia’s innocent act again!
Without another word to Patricia, Haillie turned to Balfour, her unattainable idol, “Balfour, Ellinor’s death was my doing, and I’ll
turn myself in. But don’t let Patricia fool you anymore. She’s directly involved in this. She made me do it.”
After saying this, Haillie pulled out her phone and handed it to Balfour, “Balfour, if you don’t believe me, you can check my call

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