The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018
Hadhe pulled out her phone from her pocket and handed it to the man Balfour, if you don’t believe me, you can check my call
history. I’ve been on the phase with Patricia a few times today We discussed how to get rid of Ellinor, how to avoid suspicion, and
how to call for help after Ellinor completely lost consciousness Patricia was involved in every step, and many of the strategies
were taught by her!”
Balfour took Haillie’s phone, saw the call history between Haillie and her half–sister Patricia, and had to believe what Haillie said.
He was already fed up with Patricia’s schemes, but he never expected that this seemingly fragile sister would do such a ruthless
Balfour stared coldly at Patricia, “If you weren’t involved, how do you explain these call records? Patricia, how could you be so
Patricia shivered at her brother’s roar, raised her arm to wipe away her tears, and choked, “I know you don’t believe me now. You
would believe anything bad said about me
But I can explain these call records!
I was advising Haillie not to do stupid things on each call. I talked her into agreeing, but she still did it.
The last call was her pleading with me to come to the hospital to help clear her name. I refused because I couldn’t help a
murderer get away with it.”
Haille found Patricia’s explanation incredibly ironic and laughable, “Patricia, do you even believe what you’re saying? Were you
advising me? You were egging me on, hoping I’d get rid of Ellinor as soon as possible so you could get back to Theo.”
Patricia looked at her good friend with disappointment, “Haillie, do you really have to drag me into this? You only have call
records; you can’t prove the
content of our conversation”
Haillie sneered, “I can’t prove it? Then you can’t either, right?”
Patricia sighed deeply, looking extremely sad, “Of course I can prove it! I have evidence!”

Haillie was stunned by her words, “You have evidence? What evidence? Stop lying!”
Patricia sniffled, wiped her tears, and also took out her phone from her pocket, “I have evidence. The evidence is on my phone.”
Haillie frowned in confusion, “What evidence? Just call records like mine?”
Patricia said, “No, recorded all the calls. I didn’t want to bring them out, but you forced me. I really had no choice.”
“Recordings?” Haillie thought carefully with a frown, “If it’s recordings, that’s even better. It proves more that you instigated
today’s events.”
After saying this, Haillie immediately snatched the phone from Patricia’s hand, quickly opened the recordings, and turned the
volume up to maximum, “Balfour, listen carefully! Listen to whether she’s hinting at me, whether she’s instigating me to take
action against Ellinor!”
The conversation between Haillie and Patricia came from the recording. At first, everything seemed normal, and Haillie did not
notice anything wrong.

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