The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019
But then the conversation between the two started to get really twisted,
During the call, Patricia was constantly telling Haillie not to do anything stupid, not to mess with Ellinor, and stressing that she
had let go t
all the grudges.
On the other hand, Haillie kept throwing nasty curses at Ellinor and even went into detail about how she had arranged for
someone to run Ellinor over, asking Patricia to come to the hospital and help clear her name,
Haillie admitted that every word in the recording came from her mouth, but the order of the conversation was obviously messed
up Especially Patricia’s part, many of the things she said were clearly edited in later since Halllie had never heard them before,
The content of the whole recording was in complete agreement with Patricia’s account. Patricia was trying to stop Hittle the
whole time, while Haillie was plotting to harm Ellinor and trying to get Patricia to help her get away with it.
When the recording finished, Balfour’s gloomy gaze shifted from Patricia to Haillie, His face was full of loathing, “What on earth
did floor do to piss you off? Why are you treating her like this?”
Haillie was stunned. It turned out her good friend, Patricia, had been scheming behind her back, recording all her nasty
comments about Ellinor and editing them into today’s recording.
Ellinor was right. Patricia had never changed; she always played the victim, used her, and never truly regarded her as a friend,
This recording left Haillie with no room to defend herself. She collapsed on the floor, laughing and crying at the same
time,”Patricis, bow could you do this to me? I trusted you more than my own family; I considered you a friend even more
important than my family, everything! did was for your happiness!”
Patricia responded with a pained expression, “Halllle, If you really considered me your best friend, you wouldn’t have pushed the
blame on me. Is this how true friends behave? You misunderstood the relationship between Ellinor and my brother, it was your
jealousy that made you hold ill will towards Ellinor,”
Haillie screamed as she broke down. “You were the one who told me that Ellinor’s baby was Balfour’s! How could it be my

misunderstanding? If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even know about Ellinor’s pregnancy! And now you’re acting all innocent Prics,
how could you? You’ve deceived all of us!”
Patricia ignored the ramblings of Halllle, who now seemed to have lost all rationality, and looked up to her brother Balfour,
defending herse again, “I admit I had issues with Ellinor, and I did some things that weren’t nice to her. But the most I wanted
was for you guys to stop Wiking her so much. I never thought of endangering her life! You know me, I’m not saying that I’m all
pure and innocent now, but I’m not that covel and heartless!”
Balfour stared at Patricia coldly, saying nothing. Nobody knew whether he believed her or not,
In the end, Balfour didn’t say anything to Patricia. He turned to Haillie, the murderer, and looked at her with a gaze full of
resentment, “Do you turn yourself in or do I have to take you?”
Haillie sobbed silently, shaking her head in utter despair, unwilling to face the punishment.
Just then, Theo’s tall figure stood up. His voice was ice cold, as if it came out of a cold cellar, “No need to let her turn herself in,”

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