The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020
Balfour’s pupils shrank as he gave a sidelong glance at Theo, who had just spoken up after looking as dead as a doornall.
But what did he mean?
She didn’t need to turn herself in?
Theo lifted his head slightly and stared at the supposed ‘mastermind,’ Halllle. His hollow gaze and dead-silent demeanor seemed
filled with murderous intent.
He slowly approached Haillie, who was sitting on the ground, bent down, reached out, grabbed her collar, and holsted her up,
declaring, “She’s going to pay with her life!”
With that, he dragged Haillie away like a ragged dog towards the end of the hospital corridor.
Seeing this terrifying side of Theo made Patricia feel a bit scared, but she also breathed a sigh of relief. At least she was safe for
As for Haillie, it was good that Theo handled her. Now, no one would find out that it was Patricia who had manipulated her.
Balfour squinted at Theo’s retreating figure as he took Haillie away in his irrational state. He understood Theo’s hatred for Haillie,
but he couldn’t just stand by and watch him commit a crime.
He knew Ellinor wouldn’t want Theo to dirty his hands either.
So Balfour decided to follow and try to talk some sense into Theo. He needed to cool down and not act impulsively. The law
could handle this. He couldn’t take matters into his own hands.
After watching her brother and Theo leave, Patricia finally relaxed, and a smile spread across her face. She was glad that Ellinor
was dead, and getting rid of Haillie was the icing on the cake. Otherwise, she would have been a nuisance in the future.
Well, now that they were gone, she could go in and see how miserable Ellinor’s death was.

Ellinor was prettier than her, even without makeup. Now that she had died in a car accident, she surely couldn’t outshine her,
Just as she was about to push the emergency room door open, it swung open from the inside. A nurse was about to wheel the
body to the morgue with her colleagues.
Noticing that Patricia was blocking the door, the nurse was surprised and frowned, “Ma’am, please step aside. We need to take a
body to the morgue. We wouldn’t want to scare you.”
Hearing the word ‘body,’ made Patricia naturally think of Ellinor’s corpse. She peered in curiously, only to see a body covered
with a white cloth on a stretcher. It was unrecognizable.
Patricia asked, “Is the deceased Ellinor?”
The nurse nodded, “Yes. Are you a relative?”
Patricia shook her head, “No, but I knew her. Can I come with you to pay my respects?”
“If you were a friend of hers, you can certainly stay. But we need to move her to the morgue now. Her presence here might affect
other patients needing treatment. Do you want to come to the morgue with us? It might be a bit scary for a young lady. Maybe
you can mourn her at her funeral?”
Patricia firmly shook her head, “No problem, I’m not afraid. She was very important to me. Can I be with her in her last
The nurse was touched by Patricia’s fearless and innocent face. Now that the nurse assumed she was a good friend of the
deceased, she didn’t refuse her anymore, “Alright, if you’re not scared, you can come with us.”
Then the door to the resuscitation room opened, and several nurses began to transfer Ellinor’s body. Patricia followed them to
the morgue.
In the morgue.
It was freezing cold there to prevent the bodies from decomposing. The air conditioner in the morgue was turned up to full blast.

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