The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022
Knowing that there was no surveillance camera in the morgue, Patricia totally let loose, cursing the hell out of Ellinor’s body with
every nasty word she could think of.
Finally, she got all that pent-up resentment off her chest.
During this time, all of Ellinor’s schemes against her had come to nothing; she’d never had a real win.
Today, she finally got rid of all the resentment in her heart.
Originally, she didn’t intend to kill Ellinor. In her eyes, Ellinor was just a country bumpkin who was not worthy of her dirtying her
own hands.
But Ellinor just wouldn’t back off. If stealing her boyfriend wasn’t enough, she even tried to snatch her position in the Howard
family, causing her to lose the love of her brother, the care of her father, and the affection of her grandparents.
Her death? She was asking for it!
Having given Ellinor a good verbal thrashing, Patricia was ready to leave the icy morgue. But as she turned around, she saw
Ellinor standing about two meters behind her, staring at her.
Patricia took a step back in fright, almost tripping over. She glanced at the corpse of Ellinor on the table, then at the perfectly
intact Ellinor in front of her, both wearing identical clothes.
“Are you human or a ghost?”
Ellinor’s intact figure stood there; the dim light from that angle made it hard to tell if she was a solid entity or just a vague shadow.
In response to Patricia’s terrified question, Ellinor just smiled and said nothing.
The more silent she was, the more sinister her smile seemed.
After calming down for a while, Patricia swallowed hard, staring at Ellinor with a horrified and disgusted look. “Even if you’re a
ghost, I’m not afraid of you! I wasn’t afraid of you when you were alive; why would I be scared of a ghost?”

Saying this, Patricia subconsciously took out her phone from her pocket and threw it at the perfectly intact Ellinor who was
standing there.
Her phone just went straight through Ellinor’s body and fell to the ground.
Patricia was stunned. The Ellinor in front of her was not solid, so had she really seen a ghost?
“Ellinor, you’re already dead; why don’t you go straight to hell? Who are you trying to scare by lingering around here?”
Ellinor’s ghost chuckled lightly, “I want to scare you to death.”
Patricia took a deep breath, then snorted with renewed courage, “You want to scare me to death? You’re gonna be disappointed!
I’m brave; I won’t be scared to death by a female ghost like you!”
Ellinor’s ghost slightly frowned, “Really? I thought a pampered girl like you would surely be a scaredy-cat.”
Noticing that Ellinor’s ghost was just standing there talking in a light voice without ever approaching, Patricia gradually gained

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