The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025
Ellinor eyed her sharply. “So your idea of thanking her is to have her shoulder all your sins and do your jail time?” Patricia
answered carelessly. “I’ll visit her often and bump up her prison allowance, so she can eat a bit better.”
Ellinor sighed softly, “Ms. Howard, do you really think you’re being generous here?”
Patricia glared at Ellinor, feeling annoyed, “You’re a nasty piece of work; don’t you dare preach to me! Ellinor, before you came
along. everyone around me respected me. They loved me, trusted me, and were willing to go the extra mile for me. They never
doubted me. Now, no one gives a damn about me because of you. You deserve punishment! I hate you, not only because you
stole my Theo but also because you nearly took everything that was mine. You forced me to start all over again!”
Ellinor just looked at her coldly, her eyes unreadable, “Did you ever consider that it was your own scheming and insincerity that
cost you the love and trust of those around you?”
Patricia brushed off Ellinor’s words, “Since you have time to lecture me, why don’t you rush off to your next life, so you won’t end
up in the back of the line and reincarnate as an animal?.”
With that, she burst into laughter.
Ellinor just gently clapped her hands, “Everyone, please rise. Get a good look at the true face of your sweet, innocent Ms.
After hearing Ellinor’s words, Patricia froze, not understanding what Ellinor was up to. Who was she calling?
Then, to Patricia’s horror, all the bodies in the morgue sat up, and their shrouds fell off.
Patricia sat on the floor, pale with fear. What was happening? Did Ellinor actually know some magic and turn the dead into
zombies to threaten her?
Just as she was shaking all over, one of the bodies got off its gurney, strode towards her, and slapped her hard.
*Patricia, you wicked woman! What an actress you are! I thought of you as my best friend for years; I went through hell and high
water for you, and this is how you see me? You used me! You’re not worthy of the trust I placed in you all these years!”
Patricia, clutching her swollen face, stared in terror at the body that had slapped her. It was then that she realized that it was

Why was she here pretending to be a corpse?
Before Patricia could react, another slap landed on her other cheek.
Veronica also got up from her bed, charged at Patricia, and gave her a resounding slap.

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