The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031
After Patricia was taken away by the police, both Dean and Alyssa couldn’t help but sigh.
After all, Patricia had been their beloved granddaughter for many years, and now she was about to be sent to jail for some
serious character remodeling. How could their hearts not ache?
However, they also understood that Patricia was not the little girl they used to know; she had to pay for her actions.
Balfour watched as the police took Patricia away with eyes full of mixed emotions.
He was both heartbroken and grateful that Ellinor was alive as he looked at the wound on her forehead that was wrapped in
He couldn’t help but hug Ellinor, “Thank god, you’re still here! Ellinor, I’m so glad you’re okay! You know, you scared the hell out
of me.”
He tightly held Ellinor.
She didn’t struggle right away and didn’t show any resistance to Balfour’s behavior, nor did she look happy; she just accepted it
She was okay. She just had some head injuries and lost a bit of blood.
Ever since she had a close call with a car three days ago, Ellinor had been on high alert. She had even sewn a ring of high-
resilience sponge padding into her trousers to protect her belly from any unexpected accidents.
The head injury was neither severe nor light. Thankfully, the baby was just feeling uncomfortable from the impact. It was nothing
serious; she just needed some good rest.
In the emergency room, she had the doctor come out and announce her ‘death’, so she could expose Patricia’s true colors and
get rid of her for good.
This way, she didn’t have to constantly be on guard against Patricia. Even though her belly was still small right now, when it got
bigger in the future, she wouldn’t have time to keep an eye on Patricia.

Veronica had no idea about the real relationship between Balfour and Ellinor. She walked over unhappily, shoved Balfour away,
pulled Ellinor to his side, and grumbled.
“Hey, Balfour, ever heard of the phrase ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus’? Even if you have any intentions toward
Ellinor, you’ve missed your chance! Ellinor is my brother’s girl! You better stay away from her!”
Balfour’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Veronica. Although he was displeased, he didn’t retort.
Dean and Alyssa shared a knowing smile; they had long noticed Balfour’s unusual attitude towards Ellinor.
Just when Veronica was about to continue her rant about the Howard family, Ellinor pulled her away, stopping her from speaking
“Ellinor, why are you pulling me? I haven’t finished badmouthing the Howards! This time, it’s because of them that you had the
accident and nearly gave Grandma a heart attack! I haven’t settled the score with them yet!”
Ellinor gave her a glance, “If you could just shut up, that’d be great. Let’s go check on Grandma. If she’s been frightened, it’s not
Veronica was a bit dissatisfied, “Huh? You do realize it was you who frightened her, right? Couldn’t you have given us a heads-
up about your fake death? Do you know my brother almost…”
Veronica was cut short by the sudden appearance of Theo in the corridor; she didn’t dare say anything more.
Theo was standing at the morgue door with his hands in his pockets while leaning against the wall.

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