The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033
When Balfour stepped out, Quinton instinctively tried to follow, but Alyssa grabbed him tightly.
“Quinton, don’t go. Hang out with us for a bit.”
Quinton grimaced, “Well…”
At this moment, Balfour was filled with worry for Ellinor. He didn’t notice Quinton being stopped by Alyssa and walked out alone.
Once Balfour was out, Alyssa started grilling Quinton, “Quinton, spill it! How did Balfour get hurt? Is it serious?”
Quinton, trying to keep Alyssa from worrying, couldn’t just up and leave.
This place wasn’t a real morgue, but a spare room in the hospital set up to look like one.
Yet, due to being unused for a long time, it was quite creepy. The two elderly people might feel uncomfortable here.
Quinton said, “Ma’am, I swear I wasn’t pulling your leg earlier. Balfour’s injury is not serious. As long as he takes good care of it,
there won’t be any major issues. Please don’t worry; he won’t be irresponsible about his own health.”
Alyssa wouldn’t let it go, “Quinton, stop beating around the bush! I’m asking how Balfour got injured!”
Without a doubt, Balfour didn’t want him to spill this to Alyssa, but he couldn’t just leave.
“This place isn’t good for your health, especially at your age. Why don’t I escort you somewhere to rest first?”
He purposely changed the subject.
Alyssa insisted, “We’re not buying that! Tell me what happened to Balfour’s injury now, or we’re not leaving!”
Quinton had no choice but to spill the beans, “Alright, here’s what happened.
In fact, Ellinor was attacked once before today’s incident.
Three days ago, when Ellinor left the Howard residence and Balfour was walking her out, a car suddenly tried to hit Ellinor, and
Balfour got hit trying to save her.

That’s how Balfour got injured.
Balfour didn’t want me to tell you this because he was worried you’d blame Ellinor. So, please pretend that you don’t know.”
After hearing Quinton’s explanation, Alyssa felt even more uneasy. She and her husband exchanged worried glances, both
feeling that something was off.
So, Alyssa asked again, “Why is Balfour so concerned about Ellinor? He’s never been this invested in a girl before, except
maybe Patri. Is he really trying to compete with Theo for Ellinor?”
Dean added, “Although we appreciate Ellinor, such a thing absolutely can’t happen between our families! Balfour wouldn’t
abandon his principles for a girl. Quinton, why is Balfour so concerned about Ellinor? I remember he didn’t like Ellinor before, so
why did he get hurt trying to save her?”
This question made Quinton even more uncomfortable. He couldn’t disclose Ellinor’s real identity.
The boss once strictly warned that Ellinor didn’t want anyone to know her identity for now. This couldn’t be leaked, or Ellinor
would be upset and ignore the boss.
“Quinton, what are you hesitating for? Spit it out!” Dean felt more and more that something was wrong and pressed on.

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