The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035
If such a thing happened, it would probably give Ellinor a real headache.
Balfour knew deep down that he wasn’t exactly the best big brother. All he could do now was to do his utmost to protect her and
stop her from getting into any more scrapes.
Meanwhile, in a high-end private room at the hospital.
Marissa was lying in bed, knocked out by the sedatives, but her brow was still furrowed. She was not even relaxed in her sleep.
By her bedside. Putnam sat in his wheelchair, deeply worried as he watched Marissa.
All they could do now was keep her away from any stress until she woke up. Once she did, she would definitely ask about
Damn, that little girl’s death was such a shame. How could she die so young?
“Grandpa, how’s Grandma doing now?”
Just as Putnam was sighing to himself, a girl’s voice sounded from behind him.
All his attention was on Marissa, so Putnam didn’t take much notice of the voice and assumed it was his granddaughter who had
“Your grandma still needs a bit more time to regain consciousness.” He answered, turning his head to look at his ‘granddaughter.’
However, the moment he saw the girl standing behind him, Putnam got a fright and even rolled back a bit in his wheelchair.
It was Ellinor!
Ellinor was wearing hospital clothes; her forehead was wrapped in bandages, and her face was pale, but her eyes were bright,
and she seemed in good spirits.
What the heck was going on? Was she a ghost or something?
Seeing Putnam’s reaction, Ellinor quickly said in a hushed tone, “Don’t be scared, Grandpa. I’m real.”

Realizing that his reaction was a bit much, Putnam frowned, “What the hell is going on?”
Veronica stepped forward from behind Ellinor, “Grandpa, there’s a reason for Ellinor’s situation. It’s a long story; I’ll explain
everything once we get home. Basically, Ellinor didn’t mean to scare you or Grandma.”
Putnam glanced at his granddaughter, then at Ellinor, as his expression slowly relaxed, but he still grumbled, “Such a
troublemaker, can’t we have one day of peace?!”
Ellinor smiled, “Sorry. I’m sorry for making you worry.”
Putnam’s expression froze. He lifted his chin and turned his face, “Who’s worried about you? I’m worried you’ll scare Marissa to
death!” Ellinor looked at the still-sleeping Marissa, who was frowning deeply in her sleep and looking pained.
She felt a pang of guilt and went over to hold her grandma’s hand, murmuring, “Grandma, it’s me, Ellinor. Don’t worry, I’m okay.”
Marissa seemed to hear her, causing her eyebrows to twitch. She struggled to open her eyes, but when she did, her weary and
worried eyes seemed to have brightened, “Ellinor, is that really you? I thought…”
Now that Grandma was awake, Ellinor quickly sat by the bed so Grandma could see her clearly, “Grandma, it’s really me. I’m
totally fine.”
Marissa held Ellinor’s hand in return, feeling the warmth of her hand, which slightly calmed her down, but she soon became
worried again, “Ellinor, the baby in your belly…”
“The baby is completely fine too. We’re both okay, Grandma. You can rest easy.”
Finally relaxed, Marissa held Ellinor’s hand tighter and tried to sit up.

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