The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036
As soon as Ellinor saw the old lady trying to get up, she quickly lent a hand, propping up the pillow behind Marissa and making
her lean against the bed more comfortably.
Once Marissa was settled, she gently patted the back of Ellinor’s hand, “Ellinor, you’re something else, you know. How could you
not tell Granny you’re pregnant? If it weren’t for today’s incident, Granny would still be in the dark about your pregnancy!”
Sitting by the bedside, Ellinor gave the old lady a small smile, “I didn’t mean to keep it from you. I was just afraid you’d worry too
much and that you’d restrict my activities.”
Marissa furrowed her brows; her kindly expression was laced with sternness, “How could I not worry? You’re Theo’s wife, and
the baby you’re carrying is as important to me as you are. You didn’t want me to interfere, and then you ran off and got hit by a
car, didn’t you? Thank god it wasn’t anything serious. How do you think I could bear it otherwise?”
Ellinor obediently nodded, “I understand, Granny. I won’t run off again.”
Seeing that both Ellinor and the baby were safe, Marissa finally managed a small smile. Today had been a close call, and they
would need to ensure Ellinor’s safety in the future.
Putnam, seeing Marissa awake, was relieved. But he couldn’t resist teasing Veronica, “Just look at your Granny now. Her whole
world revolves around her daughter-in-law!”
After hearing her grandfather’s somewhat jealous words, Veronica couldn’t help but laugh and cry at the same time.
In the past, she would have been upset to see Granny showing so much concern for Ellinor. But now, knowing Ellinor’s character
and Patricia’s true colors, Veronica had no prejudice against Ellinor. She thought this harmonious family atmosphere was nice.
Plus, Ellinor was pregnant with her brother’s child. How wonderful!
Suddenly, Veronica glanced around the room, realizing that Theo wasn’t there.
Wait a minute! Where was her brother?
After chatting with Marissa for a while and comforting her, Ellinor coaxed her into eating something.
Suddenly, Veronica pulled Ellinor aside, “Ellinor, I need to talk to you.”

Ellinor handed the plate in her hand to Marissa and followed Veronica, asking, “What’s up?”
Frowning, Veronica said, “Don’t just focus on my Granny. Haven’t you noticed my brother hasn’t come in?”
Ellinor knew Theo was mad at her, but Granny needed her comfort more. Theo, being young and strong, wouldn’t be in any
danger. Veronica seemed a bit angry at Ellinor’s lack of a reaction, “Ellinor! I don’t think you’re showing enough concern for my
brother. Do you have any idea how heartbroken he was when he thought you were dead? It scared the life out of me!”
Ellinor looked anxious, “Where is he now?”
She only now remembered her husband?
Veronica said with some annoyance, “I just went to look for him and found him smoking alone in the stairwell. You go find him.
Don’t worry about Granny; I’ll take care of her.”
Ellinor nodded, “Alright, you take care of Granny.”
Leaving Veronica to look after Marissa, Ellinor left the room alone.
She searched around in the hospital corridor and saw the door to the stairwell. She walked slowly towards it.
When she opened the door to the stairwell, it felt a bit chilly, but she was wearing the jacket Theo had given her.
The stairwell was dark, and all she could see was a man’s silhouette against the wall, his slender fingers holding a cigarette,
taking a puff every now and then.
In her memory, Theo hadn’t smoked for a long time since he found out about her pregnancy.

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