The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038
Ellinor could feel his body slightly shaking, apparently still trying to recover from her fake death stunt.
She felt a tinge of emotion deep within her, something she had never felt before. It was the feeling of being deeply cared for by
Ever since her mom passed, people treated her like a pet while they looked after her. But she had never experienced this kind of
worry and care from someone.
“Theo, what would you do if I really died?”
Xenia thought everything was set in stone. She was chilling in her apartment with a face mask on, waiting for some good news
from her daughter. But bam! What she got instead was news of her daughter getting arrested.
She was completely out of her wits, pacing back and forth in the living room like a headless chicken, trying to find someone to
help rescue her daughter from jail, but no one capable was in sight.
Her daughter’s arrest was known to Balfour and his parents, but they didn’t lift a finger to help. It was clear that the Howard
family had given up on her daughter.
What should she do?
What could she do?
She couldn’t believe that Ellinor would stoop so low as to fake her own death to trick her daughter into spilling her true thoughts.
It was outrageous!
Xenia was freaking out until her phone rang. It was a call from her son, Byran.
Like grabbing a lifeline, she immediately picked up. “Byran!”
Yes, she still had Byran, the youngest son of the Howard family.
Byran had some pull in the Howard family, so he could help get her daughter out.
Over the phone, Byran’s voice was a bit raspy. “Mom, where are you?”

Xenia quickly replied, “Byran, I’m at my apartment. Where are you?”
Byran asked in confusion, “Mom, when did you get your own apartment?”
“Byran, I don’t have time to explain everything now! I’ll text you the address. Come over. We’ve gotta talk about your sister’s
Without saying much else, Byran agreed and hung up.
Xenia immediately texted her apartment address to her son and started anxiously waiting.
She could’ve explained everything over the phone, but she learned from her mole in the Howard family that Ellinor had sent her
daughter to jail using a recorded phone call.
So she was scared of talking about such matters over the phone.
Ellinor was too unpredictable. Who knew if she could get her hands on her call with Byran? Her daughter had already been
screwed over by her. Byran absolutely couldn’t have any accidents.
She was banking on Byran taking over the Howard family and making her proud in her twilight years.
Before Byran arrived, Xenia was still pacing around the living room, unable to calm down.
As she walked back and forth, she suddenly felt like someone was watching her. She looked up to see a pair of big eyes peeking
at her through the bedroom door.
Xenia frowned, immediately realizing what was going on. She rushed over and threw the door open

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