The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040
Byran wiped his tears and spoke, trying not to have a breakdown. “Mom, you know what? My sister herself told me about her
deeds and the real thoughts she had all these years.
I always thought she was the kindest and gentlest girl in the world and deserved the best. So I once picked a bone with Ellinor.
But my sister did so many bad things behind the scenes. She even took advantage of all the people who loved and trusted her.
Now she’s made her bed, and she has to lie on it. Neither I nor you can help her.
Mom, I just want you to follow Grandpa’s arrangement, go stay in the countryside for a while, reflect on yourself, and come back
when Grandpa, Grandma, and Dad have cooled down. Stop thinking about helping my sister. She should pay for what she’s
Xenia, after hearing her son’s words, pointed at him furiously, “You good-for-nothing! Your sister and I have been planning so
much for you
in the Howard family all these years, yet your grades are nothing to write home about, and you have no ambition.
You are all children of the Howard family; why can Balfour inherit the family business but not you? Are you okay with that? Byran,
are you out of your mind?”
Byran furrowed his brows, “Mom, my brother is the eldest son of the Howard family, the first son of Dad and his first wife. He is
excellent in all aspects, and it’s only right that our family has high hopes for him.
I don’t want to inherit the so-called family business, nor do I want to compete with my brother. Even if I did, I couldn’t win. So stop
dreaming about unrealistic things; I won’t compete for the inheritance with my brother.”
Xenia was so angry that she almost blacked out, “How could you be so useless?! Tell me, how did I give birth to such a good-for-
I was also a campus beauty and was pursued by many. But in your father’s eyes, I could never match his ex-wife, Marlinie. Now,
even my son can’t match her son. Why?!”

Byran sighed as he looked at his mother with both pity and helplessness, “Mom, I brought our family’s servants here; you should
go to the villa with them to rest. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they treat you well.”
Xenia was taken aback, not expecting her son to not only refuse to help but also betray her, “You ungrateful waste of space! How
could you treat me like this?! You don’t even have half of your sister’s ambition; I really wish your sister was a boy!”
Byran didn’t want to argue with his stubborn mother anymore; he turned around and ordered the servants, “Take good care of my
mom; take her to the villa.”
The servants nodded politely, “Alright.”
Then Byran left without looking back; he didn’t have the heart to take another look, worried that seeing his mother’s angry eyes
would break his heart.
Both his mother and sister should be held accountable for their actions; he couldn’t speak for them just because they were his
family, and he didn’t want to indulge them.
Noticing that her son was leaving her behind, Xenia screamed in despair and lost control, “Byran! Byran… Come back! You can’t
just leave your mom like this; you can’t…”
She tried to catch up to her son, but the Howard family’s servants stopped her.

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