The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041
“Lady, don’t even think about skedaddling this time; we need to explain this to Dean.”
Like a bat out of hell, Xenia pushed away the servants. “Beat it! Who do you think you are? You dare to try and control me?!”
Having been fooled before, the servants were no longer polite. Two of them held Xenia down while the rest went to tidy up.
Xenia had only stayed there for less than a day, so there was barely anything to pack. Once everything was sorted, the servants
were ready to
head out.
Before leaving, the head servant heard what seemed like sobbing from the bedroom, so he sent someone to check it out.
“It’s the kid that the lady adopted! Looks like he’s hurt and crying on the floor!”
The head servant went to see and indeed found Baber curled up, trembling on the floor, and sobbing faintly. It was a pitiful sight.
Something crossed Xenia’s mind, and she pretended to be concerned, “Oh dear! How did the child fall? Check if he’s hurt; if he
is, we must rush him to the hospital!”
The head servant was suspicious because Xenia and her mother had previously used Baber’s illness to escape.
He squatted down to check on the child on the floor and confirmed that Baber was indeed injured this time, making him feel torn.
“What are you waiting for?” Xenia urged, “Hurry up and take the child to the hospital!”
The head servant frowned and asked, “Ma’am, Baber’s injury doesn’t look like he fell. What’s going on?”
Xenia blinked guiltily, “How would I know how he got hurt? He’s a small child and can be careless. His mother isn’t here, so he
might have bumped into something! Never mind how he got hurt; let go of me; I need to take Baber to the hospital!”
With that, Xenia tried to break free to pick up the child on the floor.
But Baber, curled up on the floor, became even more anxious when he heard her coming.
Xenia couldn’t break free from the servants‘ grip.

Without the head servant’s command, they didn’t dare let go.
The head servant thought for a moment and said, “Ma’am, you don’t need to worry about Baber. Dean has instructed us to take
him back to the Blanchet family and let Mr. Blanchet and Ms. Mendoza take care of him.”
Upon hearing this, Xenia was taken aback and then firmly furrowed her brows, “No way! Absolutely not! Baber is my grandson;
nobody can take him away from me! My daughter has already left me; if you take Baber away and I don’t get to see my
grandson, I won’t happily go with you to the mansion! What’s the point of living there alone? I might as well end my life now!”
With that, Xenia seemed ready to bite her tongue.
After Xenia’s declaration to end her life, the head servant immediately stepped forward to stop her, “Ma’am, you need to calm

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