The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044
When Ellinor saw Chase walk in, she nonchalantly raised an eyebrow.
What was this guy doing here?
Veronica was stunned by Chase’s good looks for a moment, but since she had a crush on someone else, she wasn’t swayed by
his charm. She widened her eyes and asked grumpily. “Who are you? You just barged in without knocking; you’ve got some
Chase looked at Veronica, gave a small smile, then turned to look at Ellinor, who was resting in bed, and said with a meaningful
grin, “I didn’t have to knock when I used to go to her room.”
Veronica was instantly on guard. She took a good look at the intruder, then turned to Ellinor, “What? Are you Ellinor’s ex?”
Chase chuckled suggestively without denying it.
Veronica took it seriously, and she snapped, “Ellinor, that’s too much! My brother’s not around, so you invite your ex over? Do
you even want to have a proper life with my brother?”
Ellinor lazily rubbed her temples and glanced at Veronica, “Ignore him! I don’t have an ex, and even if I did, it wouldn’t be him!”
Veronica was taken aback but was still skeptical, “Really?”
Chase furrowed his brows, looking a bit peeved. “How could you belittle me in front of others? I’m good–looking, right?”
Ellinor was used to his narcissism and silliness, so she shrugged it off, “What are you doing here instead of being at the office?”
Chase shrugged, walked to the bedside, and checked the wound on her forehead. “Boss, I heard you got hurt. How could we
stay at the office worry–free without checking on you?”
Ellinor replied, “I’m fine; if you have nothing else to do, head back to the office and get to work. Don’t let your job hang by a
While saying this, Ellinor secretly glanced at Belinda’s reaction.
The moment Chase walked in, Belinda’s eyes were filled with stars.

Her fiery attitude in front of Veronica had also toned down. Belinda shyly yet cautiously said, “Mr. Larios, you’re here to see
Ellinor too? Perfect! Ellinor’s about to have breakfast; you can join us! It’s all my mom’s specialty dishes!”
Veronica found Belinda’s softened voice and tone weird, so she observed Belinda’s expression. As a girl, how could she not see
that Belinda had a thing for this new hottie?
Ha! So Belinda liked these types of guys?
Hm! He was no match for her Moran!
Chase glanced at Belinda and gave a gentle smile, “No need; I already had breakfast with a friend.”
Belinda looked a bit disappointed, “Oh, if you’ve eaten, then just sit and chill for a bit!”
Saying that, Belinda quickly ran to fetch a chair for Chase.
Chase didn’t bother with formalities, so he thanked her and sat down. His gaze didn’t linger on Belinda, and his smile was merely
out of politeness.
His gaze on Ellinor, however, was much more serious, “How are you? Does your wound hurt?”
Ellinor shook her head, “No.”
Chase said, “Did you get hurt anywhere else? You can’t hide anything from me!”

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