The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045
“I already told you, I’m fine! How come it’s just you? Where’s Ida?”
From what she knew about her two buddies, they should both show up.
Chase grinned and said, “Ida’s off getting some pastries from your favorite bakery. That place is always buzzing, so they had to
stand in line, and I ain’t one for queuing, so here I am.”
They? There was someone else?
“Who’s Ida queuing with?” Ellinor asked.
Belinda handed a cup of water to Chase, “Mr. Larios, have some water.”
“Thanks.” Chase took the cup of water gracefully, then answered Ellinor’s question, “She’s in line with my girlfriend.”
The word ‘girlfriend‘ felt like a needle to Belinda’s heart. She doubted her own ears and looked at Chase in disbelief.
Chase just gave Ellinor a smile, “They should be here soon! My girlfriend’s nervous about meeting you, so be nice to her. Don’t
badmouth me in front of her, or I’ll be embarrassed.”
Ellinor had met many of Chase’s girlfriends, so she wasn’t surprised; what caught her attention was Belinda’s reaction.
She knew Belinda had feelings for Chase, no matter how much she was advised against it. Hearing about Chase’s girlfriend
should be quite a shock for her, right?
Sure enough, Belinda’s eyes welled up, and she looked lost.
Veronica asked at this point, “Hey! Belinda, what’s up with you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?”
Belinda, feeling embarrassed, looked down and mumbled, “Sorry, I need to use the bathroom.”
With that, she turned and bolted.
Ellinor was worried when she saw this, and she told Veronica, “Go check on her; she doesn’t look so good. I hope it’s nothing

Veronica reluctantly said, “Ellinor, you’re not trying to get rid of me so you can have Chase to yourself, are you?”
Ellinor frowned, “Quit joking around! Go check on Belinda; don’t wait until something happens and your brother comes looking
for you!”
The mention of her brother scared Veronica, and even though she didn’t particularly care for Belinda, she did as she was told.
Once Veronica was gone, Ellinor looked at Chase seriously. “Did you do that on purpose?”
Chase innocently shrugged, “Not at all! I genuinely brought my girlfriend to see you; you’ll see her soon. I promise, she’s even
prettier than the last ones.”
Ellinor frowned in disapproval, “I couldn’t care less about your fleeting girlfriends! I’m asking why you intentionally brought her
here in front of Belinda?”
Chase raised his hands in surrender, “I had no idea she’d be here. If I’d known, I would’ve come at another time. But it’s no big
deal; let Ms. Wesley take a good look at my beautiful girlfriend, so she’ll get over her unwarranted crush on me. Isn’t that what
you wanted?”
Ellinor looked helplessly at this unrestrained young man. “I told you to let her get over you, not to crush her spirit! Do you think
what you just did didn’t hurt her?”

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