The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046
Chase rubbed his forehead, sighing with resignation, “This ain’t easy, you know! You know how irresistible I am. How could she
give up if she’s not hurt a bit?”
Ellinor rolled her eyes at him, “Didn’t I warn you from the start not to mess with those love–struck girls? They’re too fragile and
prone to overthinking things. You’re just asking for trouble!”
Chase made a face. “Alright, I get it! Won’t happen again.”
Ellinor hummed with exasperation and ignored him.
Chase looked around the hospital room curiously and asked, “Where’s Mr. Blanchet? Why isn’t he here with you?”
Ellinor glanced out at the clear blue sky. “He had some business, so he left early in the morning.”
Chase complained discontentedly, “You’re in the hospital, and he can still go on a business trip as your husband? Does he even
care about you?”
Ellinor frowned slightly, not responding to Chase.
Belinda splashed her face with cold water in the restroom. She had a gloomy expression as she looked at her damp reflection.
She had been through a failed relationship before and almost married a bad guy. Now, she found herself attracted to another
Could it be that she was a magnet for bad guys?
She felt useless, unable to continue or give up on her feelings.
“I thought you had high standards! Turns out you like bad boys, huh?” Veronica appeared in the mirror with her arms folded,
looking arrogant. Belinda snapped back to reality and glanced at Veronica, “And you have good taste? I haven’t seen you with a
high–class boyfriend!”

Veronica huffed unhappily, “The guy I like is high–class. I haven’t won him over yet; I’ll tell you when I do!”
Belinda sneered disinterestedly, “A truly high–class guy wouldn’t go for a shallow girl like you.”
“You…” Veronica put her hands on her hips angrily. She hadn’t won over her crush, Moran, and felt she wasn’t good enough for
him. But hearing Belinda’s sarcastic remarks made her furious, “Hey! Belinda, you’re really ungrateful! I wanted to warn you that
guy doesn’t seem trustworthy, but now you’re attacking me?”
Belinda dried her face with a paper towel, “I might not be a love guru, but I don’t need advice from a love newbie like you.”
With that, she tossed the paper towel into the trash and walked past Veronica.
Veronica wasn’t one to back down easily. She quickly turned around and chased after her, “Who are you calling a newbie? You
should be calling me auntie; you have no manners!”
Belinda ignored her and quickened her pace.
Veronica caught up to her, asking cautiously, “By the way, who’s that guy? Why does he call Ellinor boss?”

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