The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047
Belinda was worried that Veronica might misinterpret the relationship between Chase and Ellinor and stir up trouble. So, she
answered her question, “That’s our vice president, Chase. He’s the vice president of Crescent Society and has been good
friends with Ellinor for years.”
Veronica frowned in confusion. “What? Ellinor is friends with the Vice President of Crescent Society? Isn’t Ellinor from the
countryside? Given her background, how could she possibly know the VP of Crescent Society?”
Belinda gave her a sideways glance, “You’re so shallow. You can’t judge someone just by their background, got it? What’s wrong
with being from the countryside? Can’t country folk be wildly loved? Can’t they know high–ranking company officials?”
Veronica was feeling a bit mixed up. Apparently, Ellinor had been acquainted with such a wealthy friend from the start, yet she
never flaunted it. It seemed like she didn’t know Ellinor as well as he thought.
“Why doesn’t Ellinor just get with that handsome guy instead of chasing after my brother?” She questioned.
Belinda rolled her eyes. “Being handsome doesn’t automatically mean there’s love! Didn’t I just tell you? They’ve been friends for
years; they’re like family. How could that kind of messed up thing happen? Don’t overthink it, and don’t go running your mouth to
your grandparents!”
Veronica snorted, “I was just asking; who said I was going to blab?”
Belinda replied, “You better not blab! I’m done talking to you. I need to go take care of Ellinor now. If Theo finds out that we both
ran out like this, he’ll fly back from abroad to scold us!”
With that, Belinda hurried back to Ellinor’s ward.
When she arrived, she found not only Ellinor and Chase but also Ida Gipson and Chase’s girlfriend.
Belinda froze at the sight of Chase sitting on the sofa, holding a beautiful girl, and stroking her hair.
She had seen Chase being affectionate with other girls before, but today’s girl was exceptionally pretty and innocent–looking.
Previously, Chase would often bring girls to the company. These girls were all dolled up with bold makeup, looking obviously like
the outgoing type.

Belinda would feel jealous and uncomfortable seeing Chase with these flashy girls, but she never felt threatened. She believed
that Chase was just playing around with these women and would never consider them girlfriend material.
Like many people in love, she believed that a playboy would eventually settle down.
Seeing the girl in Chase’s arms today, she suddenly woke up. This girl seemed to be someone who could spend her life with
Chase. Maybe a playboy would settle down, but it wasn’t her who could make him do so.
As Belinda was zoning out, Veronica walked in from behind her, completely ignored by Chase, who was busy with his girlfriend.
“Ellinor, who’s this?” Veronica asked while looking at Ida, who looked stunning while wearing high–end brands. Veronica felt that
those clothes looked particularly good on her and had no hint of vulgarity.
And such a woman of apparent status was peeling an apple for Ellinor?
Ellinor casually replied, “A friend.”
Another friend? Veronica frowned. Ellinor knew so many friends of high status; why hadn’t she shown it before?
Belinda then snapped back to reality, forcing her gaze away from Chase and his girlfriend, and walked over to Ida, “Ms. Gipson,
let me peel the apple for Ellinor. You might cut yourself.”

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