The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050
Veronica looked like she was about to hurt, she just couldn’t stand girls who loved to play it up.
Belinda took a deep breath and put on a smile, “Alright, Mr. Larios. In that case, may I book a nearby hotel for you?”
Chase responded with a smile, “Sure, that’d be great.”
“No problem; it’s what I’m here for.”
With that, Belinda went out to make the reservation. She didn’t want to download an app to make the booking, and she also
wanted to get a bit of fresh air to keep her cool.
After Belinda left, Ellinor picked up the fruit knife that Ida had just used to peel an apple and hurled it towards Chase.
Chase didn’t dodge; the knife whizzed past his ear and got stuck in the wall next to him.
The girl in his arms jumped from the shock.
Veronica was also taken aback, and her eyes widened in surprise. Ellinor could throw knives?
Chase gave a chuckle, comforting the startled girl in his arms, “Boss, you’re not being very nice to me, are you? Wouldn’t you
feel bad if I were really hurt?” Ellinor massaged her temples, saying impatiently, “Just get out of here! Stop bothering me!”
Chase shrugged, helped the girl up, and bowed respectfully to Ellinor, “Alright, we’ll leave you be. Ida can keep you company. I
wonder if our secretary has managed to book our room yet.”
After Chase left with the frail–looking girl, Veronica frowned at Ellinor, asking somewhat fearfully, “Ellinor, are you always this
volatile? You throw knives when you’re upset?”
Ellinor raised an eyebrow at her, “What? You’re just noticing now?”
Veronica gave a haughty pout, “I know you’re tough!”
After all, the first time they met, Ellinor dunked her head in a toilet.
Of course, that was because she had started the trouble.

But wasn’t throwing knives a bit too violent?
Ellinor looked at her coolly, “So why are you asking now?”
Veronica asked worriedly, “You’re not going to get violent with my brother in the future, are you?*
Ellinor paused a moment, looking at her with a strange expression, then after a while said, “You think I could take your brother?”
Veronica pondered, “Fair point! You definitely couldn’t take my brother! But my brother never hits women; what if you take
advantage of that and get

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