The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051
Ellinor let out a hearty laugh, “If I ever lay a finger on him, it means he must’ve messed up big time and deserved a taste of his
own medicine. But if he really screws up, I won’t even bother to give him a beating. There’s no need for all that drama.”
Veronica looked a bit puzzled, her eyebrows furrowed, “What do you mean, ‘there’s no need“?”
Ellinor smirked a little, “I mean, I’ll let him off the hook and let him do whatever he pleases. I won’t interfere in his life anymore,
and I’ll take off
Veronica paused, “You mean…. if my brother screws up, you’ll divorce him and hit the road?”
Ellinor glanced at the sky outside the window, “Yeah, I don’t have time to waste on a man who can’t keep himself in check.”
Veronica gave a perplexed pout, “But you fought tooth and nail to marry my brother and gain approval from my grandparents; are
you really ready to throw all that away? Most women would choose to suck it up! After all, the title of Mrs. Blanchet isn’t
something just anyone can get!”
Ellinor scoffed, “You still think I’m sticking with the Blanchet family because I want the title of Mrs. Blanchet? What do you think
I’m lacking?”
Veronica fell silent.
Up until today, she did think Ellinor cared about the title; after all, she was a country girl who had never known the fancier things
in life. Marrying into the Blanchet family was undoubtedly a game–changer for her.
Of course, she knew Ellinor had feelings for her brother, but wasn’t it better to have both love and material wealth?
However, she now realized that Ellinor was not the simple country girl she thought her to be. She knew Ida Gipson and Chase
Larios from the Crescent Society, and they even respectfully called her boss!
This meant Ellinor didn’t necessarily need to rely on a man for status, money, or power. She might’ve had the capabilities all
along and just kept them under wraps.
Ellinor might genuinely care for her brother, not giving a damn about his status, wealth, or anything else.

Veronica pursed her lips, “Alright, even if you’re not lacking, you shouldn’t just say you’re giving up on my brother! My brother
isn’t some playboy, he’s nothing like your friend Chase! My brother has kept his nose clean his entire life; everyone knows that!”
Ellinor smiled faintly, “Yeah! Your brother is indeed different, but people change, and no one knows what the future holds. I’m just
telling you that I won’t lay a hand on your brother. If he ever does something that makes me want to, I won’t waste my energy on
him anymore. It’s that simple.*
Veronica sighed, “I see now! Your couldn’t–care–less attitude towards my brother is probably why he can’t get you out of his
head. Men are always intrigued by things they can’t grasp. Guess my brother is no exception.”
Ellinor gave a soft laugh, “That’s right! Your brother can’t fully understand me, so he has this desire to conquer me, but this
desire and his interest in me will gradually fade. How far we can go depends on how interested your brother is in me and how
long he can hold on.”
Veronica seemed a bit annoyed, “Ellinor, why are you like this? If my brother loses interest in you, will you just leave him? Can’t
you try harder to rekindle his interest?”
Ellinor paused for a moment, laughed, and said, “Isn’t your brother losing interest in me something you’ve always wished for?
Wouldn’t it be better for your brother to have a sister–in–law from a better family?”
Veronica’s face showed a look of shame, “Alright, alright! Stop mocking me; I know I was wrong! I was wrong for always saying
that you were from the countryside and had a poor family background. I know where I went wrong, and… and…”
Ellinor raised an eyebrow, “And what?”
Veronica, always proud, felt a bit embarrassed to admit her faults. After a long silence, she finally spoke, “And… now I think it’s
nice to have you as my sister–in–law! I… I admire you now, and I’m planning to learn from you, so I won’t judge people and
things superficially like before.”
Ellinor squinted her eyes and then broke out into laughter, “I think you’re saying this because of Moran, am I right?”

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