The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054
ida shook her head helplessly, “Nope
Byran felt like he was being seen through, so he started to complain, Hey! You still haven’t answered my question! What was up
with you two last time? Why did you intentionally keep me away from the hacker convention?”
His voice was so loud that it made Ida frown in annoyance. A cold light flashed across her golden–rimmed glasses as she glared
at him, ‘Are you here to visit the patient? She’s feeling unwell and needs to rest. If you continue to make noise, don’t blame me
for having the hospital security escort you out
Byran was taken aback. After looking at Ellinor’s tired face, he quickly shut his mouth.
if it were in the past, he would definitely have argued back.
Now, all he felt was quilt
After all, Ellinor’s hospitalization due to pregnancy discomfort was caused by his scheming mother and sister.
Ellinor rubbed her temple, “Ida, you can go back to the company”
Ida replied, “The company is fine. Everything has been arranged properly Boss, you don’t need to worry”
Indeed, Ellinor was feeling tired, “If you guys aren’t leaving, just stay here quietly. I need to get some sleep, so please be quiet.‘
And with that, she laid down and pulled the blanket over her head.
Under the blanket, she checked her phone and saw a few unread messages. However, there were none from Theo.
Are all guys like this? Once they get what they want, do they no longer respond like they used to?
Why did he leave for a business trip early in the morning without telling her?
Even if she was sleeping in, he could have left a message!
But there was nothing.

Now that her boss was resting, Ida leisurely leaned back in her chair and checked her phone for any messages from her
As she was replying to a subordinate’s question, a low voice suddenly asked her, “Hey, what’s your relationship with Ellinor?”
Without even raising an eyebrow, Ida casually replied, “Friends”
Byran asked again, “You mean like best friends among girls?”
Ida paused, then said softly, “Yeah, kind of
The relationship between her, her boss, and Chase was beyond friendship, they were more like family.
Byran deliberately lowered his voice and whispered, “Why did you distract me that time? Were you afraid I’d discover
Ida glanced at him, “Again?”
Byran was just too curious. He was sure that what happened at that time was not a coincidence and naturally wanted to know
What was Ellinor’s trip to H city for? And why was she afraid he’d find out?
With a furrowed brow, Byran said seriously, “Hey! Don’t forget, I got a concussion from hitting my head on the door trying to save
you! Whether you were faking sickness or not, strictly speaking, I saved your life. You should treat your savior a bit better, right?
At least answer my question seriously!”

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