The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056
“Thanks.” Ida flashed a small smile, gently lifting his chin to examine the young boy’s face, “Are you the rumored bashful kid? Do
you always blush so easily? How adorable!”
Byran’s face turned a bright shade of red as his chin was lifted. He quickly batted her hand away, “What… What are you doing?!”
Ida chuckled softly, taking her gold–rimmed glasses from him and putting them on before sitting down, “What? Did I say
something wrong? You’re not a kid? Then why are you blushing?”
Feeling embarrassed and humiliated, Byran retorted, “Why are you so blunt? Don’t you have any sense of shame?!”
Ida let out a soft laugh, T’ve been through a lot; what’s there to be shy about? If you don’t want to be teased, stay away from
Byran frowned and was rendered speechless; he really couldn’t comprehend her.
He had never met such a straightforward woman; she was seemingly casual yet distant.
Finally, Byran managed to speak, “You’re a real straight shooter, huh?”
Ida laughed again, “That’s the first time a man has described me like that; it’s quite amusing!”
Byran fell silent.
This woman was not only blunt but also shameless. She was absolutely brazen! He couldn’t stand her at all!
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
Both Ida and Byran turned their heads to see a man slightly pushing the door open, asking courteously, “May I come in?”
Byran instantly recognized the man and walked over to open the door for him. He surprisedly asked, “Bartlett, what brings you
With a gentle smile on his face, Bartlett was as polite as ever, “I heard about the recent events and came to the hospital to visit
Marissa Blanchet. I thought I’d drop by and see Ellinor too. Byran, why are you here? Where’s your brother?”
Byran felt a bit awkward, “Ah… my brother asked me to look after Ellinor. He hurt his foot, making it inconvenient for him to visit.”

Bartlett smiled, “I see.”
He walked in, and upon seeing Ellinor asleep in her bed, a hint of disappointment flashed in his eyes.
Then he noticed there was someone else in the room, and he turned his head to look at Ida.
Ida knew Bartlett; they had worked together a few times, but they weren’t close.
While adjusting her glasses, Ida nodded at Bartlett as a greeting.
Bartlett stood by the bed for a while, but Ellinor showed no signs of waking up.
“Seems like I’ve come at the wrong time; she’s going to sleep for a while, isn’t she?”
Ida got up and came over, “Yeah, she’s fine; she’s just sleeping. I’ll tell her you stopped by when she wakes up. I won’t keep you
any longer.”
Bartlett’s smile contained a deep meaning, “I didn’t expect you to know Ellinor as well, and you seem quite close.”
Ida smiled calmly, “Yes, we’ve been good friends for many years.”
Bartlett squinted his eyes; he seemed to be pondering something. Then, as if he finally figured it out, he said, “I see! I’ll take my
leave then; I’ll visit another day.”
Ida nodded, “Take care, Mr. Rex.”

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