The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057
“Bartlett, can I steal you for a minute?” Byran trailed after Bartlett, apparently wanting to have a word with him.
Once Bartlett and Byran had left, Ida turned her gaze to Ellinor and asked in a hushed voice, “Ellinor, do you not want to see
Ellinor calmly opened her eyes, “Ugh, he’s a real pain.
A glint of light flashed across Ida’s gold–rimmed glasses, “He seems to have a thing for you.”
Ellinor, unmoved, sat up, looking totally bored, “He must have an ulterior motive.”
Ida slightly raised her eyebrows, “Ellinor, are you saying anyone who has a thing for you has an ulterior motive?”
Ellinor chuckled lightly. “A normal person wouldn’t express such feelings towards a married person. Plus, he’s been friends with
Theo for years. Do you think he has any good intentions towards me?”
Ida found herself agreeing and nodding.
Men really do have some unspeakable kinks.
Just then, Belinda walked in, looking particularly drained, and plonked herself down on a couch without uttering a word.
Ellinor noticed something was off and raised an eyebrow at her, “What’s wrong?”
Belinda shook her head as her voice quivered, “Nothing… Ellinor, are you hungry? Should I go grab something to eat?”
Upon hearing Belinda’s shaky voice, Ellinor’s frown deepened, “What’s going on? Did Chase bully you or something?”
After hearing Chase’s name, Belinda stiffened momentarily, then shook her head, “No. Chase didn’t do anything. He and his
girlfriend have already left to rest at a hotel.”
Ellinor fell silent.
Ida glanced at Belinda, then at Ellinor.
They both knew something was definitely up. Belinda didn’t look like nothing had happened at all.

“How can there be nothing wrong?” Veronica stormed in, all fired up with anger.
“Belinda, I thought you were tough! How can you let a man affect you like this? You’re making us women look bad! You’re driving
me crazy!”
Veronica had initially gone to visit her grandma and had seen Belinda crying in the hallway. When she went over to check up on
her, she heard Belinda on the phone.
Her hearing was pretty good, and the hallway was silent, so even without the speakerphone, she heard the nasty things Chase
was saying.
After seeing the look on Veronica’s face, Ellinor understood that Veronica knew what was going on, so she asked, “What
Veronica was too enraged to speak, “Chase called Belinda and said… I’m too embarrassed to even say it! How could such a
shameless man exist in this world?”
Ellinor frowned, “What exactly did he say? Tell me now!”
With a blushing face, Veronica awkwardly said, “He said he’s not used to the contraceptives provided by the hotel and asked
Belinda to buy a specific brand for him and deliver it.”
Ellinor’s face turned dark, and she gritted her teeth, “Is that so? What brand does he need? Tell me, I’ll deliver it to him myself!”
With that, Ellinor was about to get off the bed and storm off to find that annoying jerk.
After noticing that Ellinor was now angry, Ida quickly reassured her, “Boss, don’t be mad. I’ll go give him a piece of my mind.”
Ellinor retorted, “I’ve noticed that punk’s becoming more and more infuriating! Have I been too lenient with him all these years?”

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