The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059
Belinda blinked, “Ellinor, what are you trying to say? Are you regretting getting pregnant with my uncle’s child?”
Ellinor gave a small smile, calmly saying, “Although this child with your uncle was unexpected, I don’t regret it. I just want to
remind you not to let love cloud your judgment. Don’t start imagining a life with someone, throw yourself into a relationship, or
even think about having their child before anything
is certain!”
Belinda understood Ellinor’s point and nodded dejectedly, “Yeah, I got it! Ellinor, I should’ve listened to you from the start and not
fantasized about changing a bad boy. Looking back, I can’t help but laugh at how overconfident I was.”
Ellinor squinted her eyes, filled with sympathy and concern, “It’s not your fault. Chase is not marriage material. You’re better off
finding a man who knows how to appreciate you.”
Belinda looked downcast as she gazed at the hospital room floor, replaying the moments with Chase that made her heart flutter.
Despite being hurt by Chase’s disrespectful attitude today, it was still heart–wrenching!
She wanted to let go of this relationship, but it was so hard to forget and let go.
“Ellinor, you’ve known Mr. Larios for so many years; has he ever been serious with a girl?”
Belinda asked curiously, wondering if Chase became the way he was due to some past experience.
“No.” Ellinor answered without hesitation.
Belinda furrowed her brows in confusion, “Why did he turn out this way? I refuse to believe that people are inherently indifferent
to love. There must’ve been a few years in his youth where he believed in love.”
Ellinor rubbed her temples as she thought about Chase’s behavior.
She had tried to discipline him, but to no avail.
If she didn’t let him play with women, he would either drink at home or get lost in his video games.

To prevent him from doing anything too outrageous, she allowed him to date girls with similar views on casual relationships for
He had dated so many girls over the years that he couldn’t even remember their names!
“Chase, deep down, doesn’t believe in love; his relationships with women are not genuine, but out of boredom. He plays love
games. Belinda, for some people, love is not a life necessity. There’s nothing you can do to truly touch them, so stop thinking
about guys like that. Your uncle can introduce you to someone better looking.”
But for girls like Belinda, who tought told why very muutusly, they couldn’t understand those who didn’t believe in love.
Belinda pondered for a moment, then asked curiously, “Ellinor, did you believe in love before?”
Ellinor paused for a second, then answered, “I didn’t.”
She really didn’t.
As a child, she once thought Arnold Mendoza was her biological father. Whenever she saw Arnold and Tracy Mendoza together,
she felt like her own mother never existed. How could he just completely ignore her?

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