The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060
The relationship between Arnold and Tracy was never genuine, they were just using each other. So she didn’t believe in true
When she found out she wasn’t Arnold’s biological daughter, understood her connection to the Howard family, and met her real
dad, McNeil Howard, she realized that McNeil was nothing more than a total hypocrite. His actions even made Arnold look good.
McNeil had pursued her mom in the name of love, but not long after he got her, he started to stay out and mess around with
other women. He even fathered a child out of wedlock. On top of that, he doubted her mom’s loyalty, accused her of infidelity,
and even conspired with the Howards to kick her out of the family. What a jerk!
“Ellinor, do you believe in love now?” Belinda asked.
Ellinor’s gaze grew complicated as she thought about the person who left without saying goodbye. She responded, “I’m not
Belinda was confused and asked, “What do you mean you’re not sure? Aren’t you with my uncle because you love him?*
“I just know that my feelings for him are deep, so deep that I’d do anything for him. Whether or not it’s love, I can’t say for sure. I
can’t guarantee what will happen in the future. Plus, I’m not even sure if he feels the same way about me.”
Belinda said confidently, “Ellinor, I’m sure that my uncle loves you. He really does love you!”
Ellinor smiled and said, “Really?”
If he really loved her, then why hadn’t he contacted her yet?
He should have reached his destination by now!
Couldn’t he even make a call or send a message?
On the other side.
When Ida walked out of the hospital, she happened to be seen by Byran, who had just sent Bartlett away. He wanted to go over
and ask her where she was going.

But before he could get close, Ida had already hopped into a luxury car driven by a chauffeur and left.
Without hesitation, Byran hailed a cab and followed Ida’s car.
He needed to find out who Ida was and what her relationship with Ellinor was.
Ida’s car didn’t go far before it pulled into a hotel parking lot. The cab behind it followed suit.
Ida knocked on the door of the presidential suite and glanced at her watch.
The door opened, and Chase stood there bare–chested, wearing only a towel around his waist. His hair was wet, looking like he
had just taken a shower.

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