The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061
Ida gave him a look, then peeked into the suite, asking, “What are you up to?”
Chase shrugged his shoulders, grinning, “Just took a bath, can’t you tell?”
Ida brushed past him and strode straight into the suite. She was expecting some kind of scandalous scene but found the bed
spotless with no sign of a woman whatsoever.
Where’s your girlfriend?” Ida turned to ask him.
Chase closed the suite door, toweling off his hair, “Tell me about it! She came to the hotel with me but wouldn’t let me touch her.
What a bore. So I had her sent home.”
Ida adjusted her gold–rimmed glasses, pulled up a chair, and sat down, “If you want Belinda, Mr. Blanchet’s niece, to get over
you, you don’t have to humiliate her like this. You know she’s into you, and you still asked her to deliver contraceptives for you
and another woman. Are you even human? The boss is pissed knowing you did this.”
Having dried his hair, Chase tossed the towel aside and flopped onto the bed, “Ida, aren’t you and the boss being a bit too tough
on me? Does she look like she’s over me at all? To make a woman get over me, I need to make her despise me first, right?”
Ida took out her phone and nodded at him, “Get up and put on your clothes!”
Chase actually got up. While getting dressed, he asked, “What’s up? Do we have somewhere to be?”
“Get dressed first.” Ida didn’t fuss as she propped her phone on the table.
Chase didn’t ask any further. He went to the bathroom, got dressed, and then came out, “Let’s go. Where are…
Before he could finish, Ida punched him in the face.
Chase, who always cared for his handsome face, was immediately enraged, “Ah! Why’d you hit me in the face?”
Ida didn’t care. She swung another punch at his other cheek, making him howl. Then she threw him over her shoulder and onto
the floor. Chase, fresh from the shower, was now all dirty again. He scowled at Ida, “Ida, you hit me again! I’m gonna tell the

boss that you’re bullying me!” Ida stepped on him, not letting him up while looking down at him, “The boss sent me to beat you
up! How old are you now? Can’t you give the boss a break? The boss is already upset from the pregnancy, and now she has to
get mad over your crap?”
Since he was not able to get up, Chase just laid comfortably on the floor, “Huh? Is it really me causing the boss stress, or is it
Theo? Who do you think caused the boss to be upset by the pregnancy? Who do you think is causing her bad mood?”
Ida looked down at him, “That’s between the boss and Theo. We shouldn’t meddle in the boss’s personal affairs.”
Chase snorted, “Shouldn’t meddle? If we don’t, the boss is going to get played by Theo! Let me tell you something, Ida. Women
don’t know how to judge men, and once you guys are in love, you’re all in. No exceptions!”
Hearing the hidden message in Chase’s words, Ida lifted her foot, stopped the recording on her phone, then turned back to ask,
“What have you discovered? Spit it out!”
Chase got up and dusted himself off. Luckily, he was not bothered by the beating and scolding he had just received. He said
seriously, “I’ve had a bad feeling about this for a while. Theo seems to care a lot about the boss, but he never got a marriage
certificate with her. The boss doesn’t say it, but I think that really bothers her!
Today, when I heard that Theo left the boss to go on a business trip, I had someone track his flight and had someone at M State
airport to see if he really was on a business trip.
Guess what? I was right! That rat Theo went to M State to see another woman!”
After hearing this, Ida frowned, “Who?”

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