The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062
Chase walked over to the bedside, picked up his phone from the nightstand, and handed it to Ida, “See for yourself.”
Ida took Chase’s phone and opened it. She saw the two photos sent by his men from M State. The photos showed a woman
meeting Theo at the airport. The woman was very beautiful, she had a great figure and was very stylishly dressed.
The two embraced upon meeting; their posture seemed very familiar and intimate. Theo didn’t show the restraint of a married
man and didn’t refuse physical contact with another woman.
Upon seeing the two photos, even the usually composed Ida couldn’t control her anger, “What the hell is this? He leaves his
pregnant wife in the hospital and goes off to another country by himself?!”
Chase looked all–knowing, “See, I was right, wasn’t I? Theo isn’t a good man either. All men are the same. We only chase
pleasure; even the boss got tricked by him!”
“You think everyone is like you?”
“I’m just telling it like it is; I’m not pretending to be some deep–feeling guy.”
After thinking calmly for a while, Ida handed the phone back to Chase, “Don’t tell the boss about this for now. You should fly to M
State and personally investigate what’s going on between Theo and that woman. The boss finally found a man she likes; don’t let
it end over a misunderstanding. In the end, it’s the boss who will be hurt.”
Chase sighed, “Alright, I’ll fly to M State and check out what’s going on between Theo and that woman. I’ll contact you later.”
After saying this, Chase immediately put on his coat and left.
Ida didn’t stop him.
They both could see that the boss really fell for Theo, or she wouldn’t have kept his child.
The boss‘ decision to be with Theo was made after a lot of deliberation and struggle. If, at this point, the boss knew Theo
betrayed her…
She couldn’t even begin to imagine how serious the consequences would be.

༡ ༢ ་
At this moment, the doorbell of the suite rang.
Ida thought Chase had forgotten something, so she didn’t ask who it was and opened the door, only to see Byran.
Seeing Byran, the boss’s troublesome half–brother, Ida’s expression turned cold.
“Again? Are you stalking me?” Ida adjusted her glasses and asked unhappily.
Byran arrogantly lifted his chin, “Ellinor doesn’t want me in the hospital, and I’m bored with nowhere to go, so I came to see you.”
Ida frowned, “If you’re bored, go to an amusement park. Why follow me? Aren’t you afraid I’ll eat you?”
Byran showed no fear, “Humph! What kind of person are you to eat people?”
He strode into the suite, looked around, and didn’t see any other men. He laughed, “I thought you’d have a man here during the
day. Looks like there’s no man, huh? Why do you pretend to be so casual, really?”
Ida squinted as she lightly adjusted her gold–rimmed glasses, “I haven’t found a man yet. Since you’re here, do you want to try?”
Byran’s face unconsciously turned red after hearing Ida say this, but he wasn’t afraid. He didn’t believe a woman could do
anything to him, a man!

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