The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064
Byran found himself backed into a comer with nowhere to run.
A woman half a head shorter than him had him blushing and anxiously shielding his chest with his hands, “What’s gonna happen
if I don’t take it off?” ida teased, “You’re a greenhom, and you dared to follow me to a hotel? If you can’t handle it, go back to your
Byran was at that age where his pride was everything, and he couldn’t stand being looked down upon. Her words ignited his
anger, “Who says I can’t handle it?” Ida raised an eyebrow, “Alright, you better go home for dinner. Don’t want your parents to
find out you’re in this kind of place and blame me for leading you astray.” Byran argued, Tm not a kid! I don’t need my parents‘
approval to do what I want! If I have to take it off, then I will. Do you think I, as a man, would be scared of you?” With that, he
removed his sweatshirt and tossed it on the ground, revealing his smooth, muscular body.
Ida paused. She adjusted her gold–rimmed glasses as she looked at the fresh muscles of the boy in front of her.
Three days later.
After a series of examinations, the doctors deemed Ellinor’s condition stable, and she could be discharged and recover at home.
Early in the morning, Marissa Blanchet personally came to pick up Ellinor from the hospital, with Veronica joining her.
Back at the Blanchet villa, Ellinor was first persuaded by a nutritionist that Marissa hired to eat a nutritious meal.
After mistakenly thinking that her homemade soup was a kind gesture that caused Ellinor to have a nosebleed, Marissa didn’t
have the courage to cook for her this time, so she hired a professional nutritionist to take care of Ellinor’s meals.
After finishing her meal, Ellinor chatted with Marissa for a bit before making an excuse to go upstairs to her room.
For some reason, she had been feeling restless these past few days. She was easily fatigued, sleep–deprived, and plagued by
constant nightmares.
Three days had passed, and Theo hadn’t called or texted her.
Worried, Ellinor had sent him two messages on his social media app.
One was asking what he was doing.

The other was asking when he would be back.
But she didn’t receive any response from Theo.
She didn’t want to overthink, but she couldn’t help it. Theo was abroad and out of reach, so she decided to wait until he got back.
While lying on her bed and staring at the ceiling, Ellinor suddenly remembered something important and made a phone call to
Collin. She learned from Veronica today that Collin didn’t go on a business trip with Theo but stayed to handle the company’s
She had something that needed Collin’s help.
The call was quickly answered. Collin was very respectful and had no objections to her instructions, promptly setting off to
handle her request.

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