The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071
She never wanted to live her life on the whims of a man. She didn’t want to be always on edge and afraid of losing him.
Because of a misunderstanding caused by Patricia, she and Theo had once broken up.
But this time, she wouldn’t walk away with blurred lines.
She was waiting for Theo to come back. She was mentally prepared to face him honestly, was willing to discuss any issues and
listen to him.
Ellinor felt like she was very clear–headed. Her own biological father was not a good, faithful man, so how could she fantasize
that there really were men in the world who would never change their loyalty to a woman?
According to authontative social surveys, men were very likely to cheat when their wives were pregnant.
In the past, she always felt that Theo wouldn’t be so despicable and that at least he wasn’t that fickle. But now, she understood
that all men were creatures of base taste, maybe there really was no exception.
“Alright, I’ll ask him when he gets back.”
Collin looked at Ellinor’s low spirits and started to worry that she would start doubting Theo.
But in the end, he felt it wasn’t his place to say much, so he just said, “Okay.”
The car drove at high speed for two hours before reaching their destination – Howard Mountain Villa.
Ellinor got out of the car; her eyes slightly fixed on the villa in front of her.
The entrance of Howard Mountain Villa was majestic and full of character.
This woman, Xenia, after making such a big mistake, could still live in such a nice place while enjoying her life. She really took
advantage of it!
Collin walked up and rang the doorbell.
A face of an old man appeared on the videophone at the door, asking, “Who are you?”

“I’m from the Blanchet family. Mrs. Blanchet has something to discuss with Mrs. Howard; we’ve already spoken to Dean
Having received prior notice from Dean, the old
nodded, “Please wait

please come in.”
Soon, a servant came out to greet them with a respectful attitude,
The servant of the Howard family didn’t call her Mrs. Blanchet, but Ms. Mendoza; it seemed they were still somewhat reluctant to
accept the visit from the Blanchet family.
The servant led Ellinor and Collin to the living room, where they were served coffee and pastries.
‘Ms. Mendoza, please wait here for a moment. Mrs. Howard is getting dressed; she’ll be here shortly.”
Ellinor nodded and was about to try a pastry when Collin stopped her. “Mr. Blanchet instructed me not to let you eat anything
from the Howard family.”
Ellinor frowned. She didn’t insist and just shrugged as she withdrew her hand.
Not long after, Xenia appeared.
Xenia still looked well–maintained. She was dressed neatly and luxuriously; her situation didn’t make her look down and out.
Xenia looked at Ellinor with a clearly hostile gaze, “Ms. Mendoza, you’re here!”
Ellinor responded, “Mrs. Howard, long time no see. How are you?”
Xenia smiled, “Are you disappointed to see me doing so well? You probably thought that by putting Patri in jail, I would be down
and out. But, Ms. Mendoza, you’re wrong. I, Xenia, have been through many storms over the years. There’s nothing that I
haven’t experienced. Such a small setback can’t defeat me; I still have a long way to go!”

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