The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073
After some thought, Xenia said impatiently, Tm gonna go check if the kid is awake, so you just hang tight here”
Ellinor grinned with satisfaction, “Alright. I appreciate it, Mrs. Howard!”
After a while, Xenia came back with Baber.
Baber glanced around nervously, his gaze lingered on Ellinor for a moment before quickly dimming.
He grew up in an orphanage, so he always felt inferior and sensitive. However, the first few times Ellinor saw him, his eyes were
full of curiosity about the word.
But now, the world had hurt him so much that he couldn’t look people in the eyes. He was such a small child, yet he looked at the
world with such despair
Ellinor thought of her own childhood, then beckoned to him, “Come on, come here.”
Baber instinctively took a step back, then looked up at Xenia.
Since Xenia had brought the child over, there was no need to stop Ellinor from interacting with him. She said, a bit annoyed, “Go
on, she’s calling your
Baber, not understanding the adult’s sarcasm, thought his ‘grandma‘ really agreed, so he walked towards Ellinor
Ellinor gently touched Baber’s thin little face, “Why have you lost so much weight? Haven’t you been eating well lately?”
Baber didn’t answer Ellinor’s question but turned to look at Xenia, wanting to know if he could answer the question.
Xenia glared at Baber, implying that he should zip it.
Baber, scared, shrank his neck and dared not speak.
Ellinor noticed that Baber had not only lost a lot of weight but also had many scars on his body. She frowned slightly and asked,
“How did you get these injuries?”
Baber shook his head, keeping quiet.

Ellinor knew he was afraid to speak, so she said gently, “Don’t be scared, tell the truth. I’m here, so no one will hurt you”
Baber lifted his head. While looking at Ellinor uneasily, he opened his mouth as if he were about to say something.
Xenia intentionally cleared her throat, scaring Baber into shrinking his neck again and keeping quiet.
Watching this made Ellinor’s brow furrow deeply.
“Ellinor, why are you asking a little kid so many questions? He can’t talk that much! Besides, Baber is at that age when he’s
always running around, he’s bound to get some scrapes, and it’s normal! He’s a boy; there’s no need to pamper him so much.
Otherwise, he won’t grow up to be tough!”
Ellinor clenched her fists in secret, itching to berate Xenia and Patricia. How could they hurt a child time and time again, causing
him to suffer so much pain?

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