The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074
However, Baber had to endure it so Ellinor could find a way to free him for good.
He had to go through all this pain without making a fuss so he could finally be free.
She looked up at Xenia, gave a casual smile, and said, “Since Mrs. Howard doesn’t want me to take Baber, I might as well stay
here for a bit. You won’t mind, will you, Mrs. Howard? Your villa seems to be quite a fancy place, it might be beneficial for my
Upon hearing Ellinor’s decision to stay, Baber perked up. His previously gloomy eyes shone with a hint of joy.
Xenia, however, looked displeased. But soon, she seemed to have had a thought and laughed, “Sure thing, I’m kinda bored
staying here all by myself anyway! How fun would it be to have you here to have a chat with!”
Ellinor smiled, “Then I’ll make myself at home!”
Collin frowned nervously, trying to intervene, “This might not…”
Ellinor interrupted him in a low voice, “I’m just staying for a few days, no biggie.”
Then she stood up, bent down, and took Baber by the hand, “Come on, Baber, show me around the villa?”
Baber instinctively shrank back when his hand was taken, as if he had grown fearful of physical contact with others. But Ellinor
didn’t let go, so he couldn’t pull
While feeling the warmth of Ellinor’s palm, a sense of security and courage that he had never felt before welled up in Baber. He
clung to Ellinor tightly, afraid that she would leave, and nodded in agreement to show her around.
Ellinor slowly followed Baber outside. It was hard for her to ignore the pleading look in the child’s eyes. He was too young and
powerless to help himself.
Collin followed behind Ellinor, ever watchful of her safety.
Xenia was also not comfortable with letting Ellinor take Baber away alone, so she followed them out too.

Halfway through their walk in the large garden of the villa, Ellinor started to feel tired. She asked Baber to guide her to a resting
The servants of the Howard family arranged a clean and elegant room for her.
Clearly, the person in charge had sought Dean’s approval before assigning her this room.
Xenia definitely wasn’t this gracious.
Baber originally wanted to stay with Ellinor in her room to keep her company.
But Xenia didn’t agree, fearing that Baber might talk about his abuse, and forcibly took him away.
Ellinor naturally wanted Baber to stay with her, but Xenia insisted, so she didn’t make a fuss.
At least during her short stay, Xenia wouldn’t dare harm Baber, fearing she might get caught.
Ellinor rested in the guest room for a while, with Collin guarding the door, not leaving her side.
The one sent by the Howard family to deliver food was dismissed by Collin. Even if Ellinor had to stay, he wouldn’t let her eat
anything from here.
Xenia was clearly up to no good. If she did anything to the food that could harm Ellinor and her unborn child, he wouldn’t be able
to bear the consequences.

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